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Wearing Every Color of the Rainbow

Wearing Every Color of the Rainbow | Designing From My Closet

Wearing color is one of my signature things to do.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good neutral outfit, but more times than not, I will grab one of more colorful items in my closet to start off creating a look.  Often times I get told by other women how much they love the color I am wearing, but they could never wear it.  It brings me back to the eighties when there were home parties where you would get “draped” to find out what your colors were.  I remember back then it confused me as I never wanted to rule out any color to wear.  So today I am showing you six different outfits to show how I wear every color of the rainbow with items I already have in my closet.  Each one is loved by me and I feel confident in all of them.



End of Summer Remix: 6 Ideas On How To Mix Up What You Already Have

End of Summer Remix: 6 Ideas on How To Mix Up What You Already Have | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

Keeping true to my remix features that I have on almost every single one of my outfit posts, I am dedicating this post to one huge remix.  I recently got a comment from a reader on Facebook asking for some inspiration on summer wardrobes when you are tired of wearing what you have, but don’t want to spend any money.  Being technically the end of summer (I can’t believe fall is about a month away), I can so relate to not wanting to purchase any new summer items this late in the season.  So I took advantage of this topic and took pictures of what I wore this last week.  Every item, including accessories and shoes, are pieces I had in my closet and have also been featured at least once already here on Designing From My Closet.  I will be showing you my original blog post photos from either last summer or earlier this season with 6 ideas on how to mix up what you already have. (more…)

Silhouette to Watch: The Soft Peplum

Silhouette to Watch: The Soft Peplum | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

One on trend silhouette that I have been really enjoying has been the soft peplum.  I am not sure if this is the exact term for this, and it may be my own made up word for it, but it describes perfectly what it is: a peplum top that is loose around the bust and waist.  Last month I picked up this plaid top in soft pastels of lavender, blush, and peach and is the feature of today’s post.