What’s New Wednesday: Poshmark, Styling Event, & Hair Tutorial

Now that Designing From My Closet is more than a blog with styling services and products, I wanted to dedicate today to sharing all the new business that is happening.  There are quite a few new listings in my Poshmark closet which is a curated collection of gently used clothing, accessories, and shoes available for sale.  I also am hosting a local event coming up this next week that I am very excited about.  Lastly, I have a much requested video I created showing how I do my everyday hair.



Green St Patrick’s Day Lookbook

Green St Patrick's Day Lookbook | Designing From My Closet

Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I can’t believe we are officially in the spring season beginning Monday.  Time sure is flying by.  Green is my absolute favorite color and has been ever since I can remember, so dressing for St Patrick’s Day has always been a special treat for me.  Here are four looks I recently pulled together from items in my closet that have green in them.  They not only are appropriate for today, they are perfect for all Spring long!  Most of these items have been thrifted or purchased at discount retailers such as Target and Charming Charlie so they are very budget friendly.


Giving the Cold Shoulder


The cold shoulder trend has been one I was slow to receive and then when I was ready to add it to my wardrobe, I took my time to find just the right piece to do it with.  Today I am sharing my very first cold shoulder top that still reflects my eclectic modern vintage aesthetic.


End of Year Sales and Promotions


Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!!  I feel like time has been flying by so quickly.  I have been searching all over the place for special gifts for family and friends and am almost done with my selections.  Retailers are still having some fabulous deals and I wanted to share a few current promotions from my favorite stores that are happening right now.  All you have to do is click the links below within this post in PINK to shop!


Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall

Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My Closet

If you do not know by now, I am a thrifter.  I also happen to be pretty picky about the items I select and have a lot of criteria that I look for when purchasing second hand.  One retailer that I am keenly aware of is Anthropologie.  It jumps out at me when I am digging through items at thrift stores and I search for it on the second hand market like the Poshmark app.  Thrifting often means finding items that are not in season, but that does not mean I pass them up.  I recently found an Anthropologie peplum vest at Salvation Army that I fell in love with.  It is clearly a summer piece, but I got the itch to wear it now in the fall, so I came up with a solution to make my wishes come true.  Today I am sharing one of my tricks for layering summer clothing to work for fall.