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How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

When shopping, we typically select items one at a time.  Whether online or in store, each individual piece is evaluated by our own personal taste, fit, and budget.  After the purchase, that item goes into our closet with the hopes it will become an active part of our wardrobe and be integrated into what we already have.  It takes vision to look at a computer screen with a garment worn by a model or mannequin and imagine what it will look like on us and what it will look like paired with other items we own.  It takes an equal amount of vision to stand in the middle of a store full of clothes and picture this one item at home, going with the rest of our closet.

Today I wanted to go through a process I go through when I bring home items from the store to create a head to toe outfit.  It is easy to get something and then feel like it has no potential in real life so I wanted to take a bit of the mystery out of it and provide an easy step by step formula to follow.



End of Year Sales and Promotions


Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!!  I feel like time has been flying by so quickly.  I have been searching all over the place for special gifts for family and friends and am almost done with my selections.  Retailers are still having some fabulous deals and I wanted to share a few current promotions from my favorite stores that are happening right now.  All you have to do is click the links below within this post in PINK to shop!


The Blanket Scarf

The Blanket Scarf | Designing From My Closet

With winter right around the corner and colder temperatures ruling the days, cozy pieces like blanket scarves really feel appropriate.  I love the snuggly feeling that they provide and today I am showing a look I recently wore with one.


The Fab 40s: Hats

The Fab 40s: Hats | Designing From My Closet

It has been both strange and exciting entering my forties.  I feel like I am finally coming into my own as a woman and am also figuring out what a woman in her forties dresses like.  Today I am proud to say I am the guest of The Fab 40s blogger group that posts themed outfit blog articles every month.  This month happens to carry the topic of hats!  I was thrilled when I heard this as I love the drama of a hat.


Floral Midi Dress

Floral Midi Dress | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

If you have not noticed, I have quite an affection for dresses and skirts.  And although I could honestly get super dressed up every single day, I attempt to keep my outfits more on the dressy casual side.  One way I try to do this is by finding day dresses that I can wear for work as well as sport on the weekend.  Sometimes that can be a difficult balance so when I saw this floral midi dress a few weeks ago that I showed in my Shop With Me at Old Navy post I was thrilled.  There were a couple of things I did not like about it and in today’s post I am going to be showing you how I made the dress my own by styling with accessories.