Style Detail Highlight: The Paperbag Waist

Style Detail Highlight: The Paperbag Waist | Designing From My Closet

Looking through the latest fashion magazines, one silhouette that stood out to me strongly was the paperbag waist.  The highwaisted cut of pants and skirts with pleats that gather around the waist with a sash belt is not a new idea as it has been cycled through trends throughout the years.  For me, it is a cut that has always appealed to me, but in the past I have allowed insecurities about my body shape deter me away from actually wearing it.  Now that I have fully embraced myself, I am overjoyed to be wearing the fun fashion of the paperbag waist!



Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles

Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles | Designing From My Closet

These past few years have been a roller coaster.  Designing From My Closet represents so much more than fashion to me.  When I first created it I was a woman who was searching for change, internal peace, personal identity, and purpose.  After a series of upsetting circumstances and seeing my fortieth birthday approaching, I knew I needed to disrupt the known pattern of my life.