The Best Thrift Stores in Orange County, California for Womens Clothing

After thrift shopping in Orange County, California for many years, I have found several hot spots that I have been able to find some of my most favorite items that I love to wear.  Each store seems to have a special and unique flavor carrying a wide range of brands, styles, and pricing.  While this list of thrift stores in partial to my tastes, I hope this can be of use to those of you who live in the area, or happen to travel through.  In this list I am going to share what it is I like about each store and if they seem to carry certain types of items regularly and/or specials and sales.  As I have mentioned many times before, thrifting is fickle.  Just because these are what I consider the best in the area, I still have been to them and have walked out empty handed.  Shopping frequently and being dedicated on what you are looking for is key to building a thrifted wardrobe that is personalized to you.



What’s New Wednesday: Poshmark, Styling Event, & Hair Tutorial

Now that Designing From My Closet is more than a blog with styling services and products, I wanted to dedicate today to sharing all the new business that is happening.  There are quite a few new listings in my Poshmark closet which is a curated collection of gently used clothing, accessories, and shoes available for sale.  I also am hosting a local event coming up this next week that I am very excited about.  Lastly, I have a much requested video I created showing how I do my everyday hair.


Wearing Every Color of the Rainbow

Wearing Every Color of the Rainbow | Designing From My Closet

Wearing color is one of my signature things to do.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good neutral outfit, but more times than not, I will grab one of more colorful items in my closet to start off creating a look.  Often times I get told by other women how much they love the color I am wearing, but they could never wear it.  It brings me back to the eighties when there were home parties where you would get “draped” to find out what your colors were.  I remember back then it confused me as I never wanted to rule out any color to wear.  So today I am showing you six different outfits to show how I wear every color of the rainbow with items I already have in my closet.  Each one is loved by me and I feel confident in all of them.


Green St Patrick’s Day Lookbook

Green St Patrick's Day Lookbook | Designing From My Closet

Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I can’t believe we are officially in the spring season beginning Monday.  Time sure is flying by.  Green is my absolute favorite color and has been ever since I can remember, so dressing for St Patrick’s Day has always been a special treat for me.  Here are four looks I recently pulled together from items in my closet that have green in them.  They not only are appropriate for today, they are perfect for all Spring long!  Most of these items have been thrifted or purchased at discount retailers such as Target and Charming Charlie so they are very budget friendly.


Vintage Tropical

Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

On a recent thrift hunt, I found this gorgeous silk blouse that has an abstract pattern in teal, gray, & chartreuse.  The hand of the silk textile is so luxurious feeling and is easier to maintain than most people think.  The top was originally from Nordstrom and was probably a pretty penny retail originally.  Although I will get more use out of it in the fall due to the fabric and coloring, I wanted to style it for spring/summer to see how it would translate.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

The easiest way to “summerize” any top is to pair it with white bottoms.  In my case, my white cropped denim.  So many plus size ladies shy away from the color and I can understand why.  Your best bet is to keep trying until you find a pair of white pants that fit you perfectly and that are not too sheer.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

The print gave me a tropical vibe once it was next to the white, so I decided to go with it and add some tropical colored accents through the necklace and sandals.  This blouse could easily read as very mature and by styling it with youthful and contemporary pieces, it works for me.  The wood necklace in purples and oranges and then the strappy sandals in violet set the easy, casual tone I was going for.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

Speaking of the sandals, these are AMAZING!  What I love besides the color is the way you can adjust the straps to accommodate your foot.  I believe the original intent is for the ankle ties to have the bow in the front, but because I have a larger ankle, I was able to tie them in the back and they still look great.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Sejour via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)

White Cropped Denim: Ann Taylor via Poshmark seller divastephrob (similar)

Wood Bead Necklace: Anthropologie (similar)

Zippered Faux Leather Mini Satchel: Forever 21 via Poshmark seller aligtorres

Lace-Up Sandals: Old Navy

Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk BlouseDo you wear white?  How do you update your thrifted finds?

Today’s Postivity Note

And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings.

Be Blessed!


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