Fall Outfit

Skinny Jeans: My Fall Staple

Skinny Jeans: My Fall Staple | Designing From My Closet

When it comes to getting dressed this fall, I seem to be gravitating more and more to jeans.  And just because an outfit has jeans, it doesn’t mean it is not put together or appropriate for client meetings.  Today I wanted to show a simple combination of pieces I thrifted using some skinny jeans.  It is so easy and it can be adapted to what you may already have in your own closet.  I have also compiled a shopping list with links at the end with similar options to what I am wearing at the end of the post.



Anatomy of an Outfit: Olive & Coral with Jeans

Anatomy of an Outfit: Olive & Coral with Jeans | Designing From My Closet

Welcome to my first installment of “Anatomy of an Outfit” here on Designing From My Closet.  This blog has not been updated as much as I would have liked over this past year and I would like that to change.  Overthinking and over planning has led me to take too long on blog posts when I really need to simplify.  I really enjoy writing and showing imagery of outfits, so I have come up with a few ideas on how to get my point across without spending 8+ hours on one post.  The first is doing these “Anatomy of an Outfit” posts where I show one outfit step by step on how I put it together.  I hope that you enjoy them and get some useful information and inspiration from them!


The Blanket Scarf

The Blanket Scarf | Designing From My Closet

With winter right around the corner and colder temperatures ruling the days, cozy pieces like blanket scarves really feel appropriate.  I love the snuggly feeling that they provide and today I am showing a look I recently wore with one.


No More Excuses + A Printed Pant With a Vest Outfit

No More Excuses + A Printed Pant With a Vest Outfit | Designing From My Closet

Excuses.  We all have made them and I am not immune.  For me, a lot of time I make excuses for not doing something simply because I have fears about it.  Most of the time I am unaware of these fears because my brain just goes on automatic to flip out excuses as fast as it can.  These excuses have a way of limiting my life and keeping me in a little bubble, unaware of the joys that could have come my way.  I hear a lot of women tell me that they have completely ruled out certain garment types for one reason or another.  And I do not blame them because I have been there.  Today I have a fun printed pants outfit with a vest that would have been a big no-no for me a few years ago, but yet now this is a look I wear with extreme confidence.


Stripes with Floral + 5 Things I am Working on Right Now

Stripes & Floral | Designing From My Closet

Stripes and florals are two prints that one of the easiest I find to mix.  Having one common color is all you really need.  Today’s outfit is a fun casual look for the weekend or even a more relaxed workplace.  When I put this outfit on, I knew I wanted to take pictures and was a little disillusioned when I stepped outside and it was still raining.  As I was taking these under the patio cover, I was thinking about my blog and how far it has come.  Today marks two years of Designing From My Closet and what began as a temporary fun thing to do turned into a blossoming business.  I so appreciate everyone who reads, comments, and follows my blog and I hope to bring informational and entertaining content.  There are so many things I am working on right now and I wanted to share five of them with you in today’s post too.