Style Detail Highlight: The Statement Sleeve

Style Detail Highlight: The Statement Sleeve | Designing From My Closet

The statement sleeve is a style detail that is being seen on high end and more budget friendly items.  Any sort of embellishment, cut out, or dramatic shape including pleats and trumpet and bell shapes.  Some are more subtle, while others shout “here I am”, in other words, this trend has a little something for everyone.



Chambray Culottes

Chambray Culottes | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

Lately I have been feeling like fashion has been a gateway to many other aspects of my life.  Because fashion is meant to be fun, I have been more and more open to trying new silhouettes and even trends that feel risky to me.  Culottes happen to be one of those trendy items that I never thought I would go for, and yet here I am sporting a pair in today’s post.