Blogging about fashion is something I enjoy so much.  I also do my best to create posts that have information you can take with you and apply in your own wardrobe.  Between writing, researching, taking and editing pictures, and putting them all together a creative and eye catching posts, it takes a considerable amount of effort.  As a way for me to get compensated for the time and energy I put into my blog, I use affiliate programs as well as accept gifted product to review.

To be totally transparent with you, here are the way I earn compensation from Designing From My Closet:

Affiliate Links

I primarily use a pay-per-click program, which means I get a small commission every time a shopping link associated with an affiliate is clicked on.  The commission itself is not derived from you making a purchase, but only by you clicking and window shopping if you so choose.  Not every one of my shopping links are affiliate as sometimes I want to show a product I am wearing that is not associated with a commission based program.

Gifted Items

From time to time, I accept gifted product from retailers who want me to review and feature their products.  Sometimes it is a retailer reaching out to me and other times, I reach out to them for collaboration.  I always mention these types of items within each specific post so you are aware that it has been gifted to me.  With these, I am honest with my reviews and am very selective on who I work with as I want to stay true to my style.  I want these items to be something I would invest money in myself.  This compensation via a gift is another way to balance out the time and energy I put into creating the post.


Thank you so much for being a reader of Designing From My Closet and for taking time to comment and browse through the links that I provide.  It helps compensate me for the time and effort I put into this blog, and I appreciate it so much!