Styling with Accessories

The Blanket Scarf

The Blanket Scarf | Designing From My Closet

With winter right around the corner and colder temperatures ruling the days, cozy pieces like blanket scarves really feel appropriate.  I love the snuggly feeling that they provide and today I am showing a look I recently wore with one.



Bohemian Statement Necklaces from The Two Hand Exchange

Bohemian Statement Necklaces from The Two Hand Exchange | Designing From My Closet

Over the past couple of years, I have been upgrading my jewelry.  While I still have some lower price point costume pieces in my collection, my go-to’s are those that have quality.  It’s those special details that have become a signature of my personal style.  I have also come to find that my necklaces have opened up many conversations to women that otherwise might not have spoken to me.  When The Two Hand Exchange reached out to me again, I was delighted to collaborate with them once more.  They have the most incredible luxury bohemian jewelry I have ever seen.  You can read my first post featuring them by clicking here.  What I truly enjoy about the items that they have is that they are made of real gemstones.  There is something lasting and special about a quality piece of jewelry.  It is even more special when that is combined with a style that coincides with my own style, having a rustic element married with streamline.

Today I am showing you two gorgeous necklaces that The Two Hand Exchange sent me and how I styled each one.  They are also providing my readers with a discount code that I will have at the end of the post!


Cut Out Sleeve Dress + Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Styling Services & Giveaway

Cut Out Sleeve Dress | Designing From My Closet

Over twenty years ago I can recall shopping for my wedding gown.  It was in the midst of the nineties and sequins and all things embellished was everywhere.  Now while I enjoy a good embellishment, I remember having a vision of how I wanted to look on my big day.  When I explained to the sales associates helping me that I was looking for a dress that had architectural details, meaning details sewn into the garment versus anything sparkly, they looked at me rather bewildered.  Thankfully my mom had my back and came back to the fitting room with exactly what I was looking for.

Still to this day I have a tendency to go for pieces that are sparkly and embellished, but when I see a good piece that carries great “architectural” details, I snap them up.  They give me the perfect backdrop for my many accessories that I own and they have enough pizzaz to not fall flat in and of itself.  So when I saw the Merlot Cutout Sleeve Hi Lo Dress on the Avenue site, I took pause.  The unusual sleeve and hemline details really caught my attention.  I also just recently previewed it in my Red Themed Fall Haul video.  Today I styled it all up and took it for a test spin because I loved it so much and wanted to share the look with you.

I am also opening up the Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Styling Services and the Giveaway today!  You can read more information on that towards the end of this post.


Stripes with Floral + 5 Things I am Working on Right Now

Stripes & Floral | Designing From My Closet

Stripes and florals are two prints that one of the easiest I find to mix.  Having one common color is all you really need.  Today’s outfit is a fun casual look for the weekend or even a more relaxed workplace.  When I put this outfit on, I knew I wanted to take pictures and was a little disillusioned when I stepped outside and it was still raining.  As I was taking these under the patio cover, I was thinking about my blog and how far it has come.  Today marks two years of Designing From My Closet and what began as a temporary fun thing to do turned into a blossoming business.  I so appreciate everyone who reads, comments, and follows my blog and I hope to bring informational and entertaining content.  There are so many things I am working on right now and I wanted to share five of them with you in today’s post too.


Ways to Wear Belts

Ways to Wear Belts | Designing From My Closet

I have written several posts in the past regarding wearing belts such as Playing with Proportion: Avenue Patchwork Ruana, Wearing a Belt When Short Waisted, and Faking a Waist.  After getting multiple questions via my blog, YouTube channel, email, and social media, I decided to create a video on ways to wear belts.  Although it is not an exact science, I hope this gives you some great tips on how to style with belts, especially if you are cautious or unsure about them.