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Wearing Every Color of the Rainbow

Wearing Every Color of the Rainbow | Designing From My Closet

Wearing color is one of my signature things to do.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good neutral outfit, but more times than not, I will grab one of more colorful items in my closet to start off creating a look.  Often times I get told by other women how much they love the color I am wearing, but they could never wear it.  It brings me back to the eighties when there were home parties where you would get “draped” to find out what your colors were.  I remember back then it confused me as I never wanted to rule out any color to wear.  So today I am showing you six different outfits to show how I wear every color of the rainbow with items I already have in my closet.  Each one is loved by me and I feel confident in all of them.



Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants + Poshmark, eBay, & DFMC Boutique

Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My Closet

It feels like forever since I have sat down to write a blog post.  As life goes, stuff happens.  I also have had a bad case of writers block, so that hasn’t helped the creative juices to flow.  So today I am simply going to share a recent outfit of mine when I wore an off the shoulder top and some cropped pants.  I also want to share a lot of the new ventures I am working on.


Green St Patrick’s Day Lookbook

Green St Patrick's Day Lookbook | Designing From My Closet

Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I can’t believe we are officially in the spring season beginning Monday.  Time sure is flying by.  Green is my absolute favorite color and has been ever since I can remember, so dressing for St Patrick’s Day has always been a special treat for me.  Here are four looks I recently pulled together from items in my closet that have green in them.  They not only are appropriate for today, they are perfect for all Spring long!  Most of these items have been thrifted or purchased at discount retailers such as Target and Charming Charlie so they are very budget friendly.


Mixing Prints & Texture in a Black & White Outift

Mixing Prints & Texture in a Black & White Outfit | Designing From My Closet

I have done several posts in the past on the topics of mixing prints as well as adding texture to an outfit.  In fact, here is a list with links of some of them:

Today I am taking a new spin on the entire topic and creating an outfit by mixing prints and using texture, but this time in black and white.  I have been pushing myself to embrace this color palette even though I am partial to wearing colors all the time.  And I am so glad I have!  It has opened up a whole new world and has given me the opportunity to be really creative and inject my own personal style with this classic combination on tones.


Wearing a Cropped Top as a Modest Dresser

Wearing a Cropped Top as a Modest Dresser | Designing From My Closet

As a modest dresser, I have always enjoyed being able to take the latest trends and have them work for me in a unique way.  One of the biggest lessons I try to share with my clients is that clothing items are not stand alone pieces, it is how you style and wear them that make them truly an outfit.  Several women can wear the exact same piece and make it look uniquely theirs depending on what they pair it with.