One Piece, Four Ways

Floral Midi Skirt: One Piece, Four Ways

Floral Midi Skirt: One Piece, Four Ways | Designing From My Closet

One item I have been grabbing to wear over and over again is my Floral Midi Skirt from the Who What Wear Collection at Target that is available in both straight sizes and plus sizes.  I have always been a fan of brown and blue color schemes as well as large floral prints, so it is no wonder.  Today I am showing four ways that I have recently worn this beauty to show how versatile it really is.


Metallic Skirt: Styled Four Ways for Daytime

Metallic Skirt: Styled Four Ways for Daytime | Designing From My Closet

Metallic skirts have been having a comeback and I was one that thought there was no way one could fit into my wardrobe.  After all, there are only so many parties you can go to in a glittery skirt.  When I tried one on from the Who What Wear Collection at Target, I was surprised to come up with so many ideas about how it could actually be a functional piece for every day wear.  Today I am showing you four ways to style a metallic skirt for daytime.  This post is going to be a bit more picture heavy and light on the text because it is already huge.  Enjoy!


Dressing with Color, Texture, and Print

*This post is sponsored by Avenue. I was also gifted the clothing and accessories for this post. The theme and opinions are 100% my own.

Dressing with Color, Texture, and Print | Designing From My Closet

If there is one thing that I love to incorporate into rooms when designing, it is color, texture, and print.  These three elements combined create a magical moment that is so memorable.  One of my missions here on Designing From My Closet is to expand women’s visions of how they view themselves.  Encouraging new ways of dressing and stepping out of their normal is something I love to do.  Seeing ourselves in a new light, as beautiful and unique individuals who go out into the world to inspire others wherever we go.

Today I want to cover specifically what dressing with color, texture, and print means and how it makes such an impact using items I recently got from Avenue.  One dress gets two different looks by switching out layers and shoes.


Utility Jeggings: One Piece, Four Ways


I am all about having both stand out, bold statement pieces as well as great versatile items that can mix and match with a lot of other garments in my closet.  Very rarely to these remixable pieces are considered “basic” in my eyes because I still like to have some sort of detail that makes them special.  Take these Ava & Viv Utility Jeggings that I picked up a while ago at Target for example.  Today I am showing you four looks utilizing these great pants from casual to dressy-casual along with telling you what makes them so unique.


How To Wear an Olive Green Jacket

How to Wear an Olive Jacket | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

An olive green jacket or otherwise known as military or army green jacket has been a big part of my wardrobe for years.  It can play up a color or act as a nuetral.  I currently have three different styles in my closet and wanted to show you six different ways to wear one.