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  1. Janeane, I liked your latest post. I’ve been meaning to get some new workout clothes myself, and now I know where to look.
    I also want to thank you for reading my blog; I think I accidentally clicked “delete” on a comment you left recently. I’m sorry it really was unintentional. I always enjoy your comments and opinions!
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to others!

    1. I am glad you liked the post Ashly. Thank you. And I was laughing because I was just telling my husband that I thought I was tech savvy until I started this blog. Now I feel like I’m just fumbling along. And deleting a comment would be totally something I would do too! Haha!

      Thank you for your nice words it really helps keep me motivated to keep going with my posts.


      1. Your write up on the green and white dress is nice. I’m really glad that you liked it. Your blog is very informative and I will be following in the future. Have a Blessed Day.

  2. I just LOVE your style. I love that a plus size woman can show how great trendy stuff does look on us. (Im jenn1143 BTW from poshmark.) My question for you is for someone like me who only wears black/white/neutral colors…and Im not super girly with my hair or makeup…nor do I wear much jewelry…how does one transition into trying to wear more color/jewelry?

    Any tips would be awesome!

    I am a size 16/18 and a 38D.
    I cannot walk in heels to save my life, so flats or boots are a definite (I am a forever lover of converse) and I am a MASSIVELY TALL 5’2″ with a small foot in a size 6 1/2 to a 7.


    1. Thank you so much Jenn! You are not the first person to ask me similar questions and you have lit a fire under me. I am going to work on a special blog post touching the points you made regarding wearing color if you are only used to wearing neutrals, wearing jewelry (without being too girly), and wearing flats even when short. This may even turn into three separate posts! I really appreciate you commenting and want you to know it meant a whole lot.


  3. Any recommendations for a generous fit XL chambray shirt that will not gap? I am between an XL and XXL. Looking for a nice one to wear to work, with skirts, dressy black pants, etc

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you for the inquiry. I have to first admit that chambray shirts (in fact any button down shirt) are my Achilles heel. I have purchased and gotten rid of approximately four chambray shirts over the course of two years and I believe I have finally found out why I keep having issues. Regardless of fit, I find that all the shirts I have owned, including my current one that I love gap at the bust. It does not pull open from side to side because it has ample room to house my bust, but rather it gapes open from front to back. I have become friends with fashion tape and have been known on occasion to sew button down shirts closed. No one knows the wiser and I slip it on overhead, not having to mess with buttoning. I am only saying this to give you a bit of reference. My biggest tip is finding a shirt where the top button you will close hits your chest in a place that is flattering to you. Some land too low, showing too much cleavage. Some land too high, leaving your upper chest hidden and closed. I have finally found a Lane Bryant chambray shirt that hits me just right to where it opens up and shows the right amount of chest. I had bad luck on the lower end of the spectrum at Walmart and Old Navy, but I love my Lane Bryant one, so I think that is a good place to try! I would also recommend Chico’s. I find that the softer fabric ones vs the stiffer ones lay nicer on a larger chest. This would also look better with dressier items like you mentioned. Try, try, try on a whole bunch of them as they are not created equal. I find that the lower priced ones tend to have fewer buttons further apart, which leads to more gaping. I know this is a lengthy response, and I wanted to give you all the information I have gathered as this garment has been a troublesome one for me. Good luck and let me know if you find something!


  4. Thanks so much. You gave me a few ideas to keep in mind. Glad I am not the only one who struggle to find this item as well as other button downs. I did go to L. Bryant but they didn’t have any in the store last weekend. The problem with Chicos is their button downs tend to either be too short or too long…I want to be able to leave it untucked over black pants (and not hit me at a bad point on my hips) but also tuck into skirts…anyway I will keep looking. Should I find the PERFECT one , I will let you know. maybe it would be your perfect one too. I have a blog too but have been a bit of a slacker on posts lately, needed a break but excited to be back.

  5. Hello! It’s totally a long shot but is there anyone who modeled that asparagus colored old navy long hooded parka that would be interested in selling? They are so rare to find and I’m looking for a friend who’s heart has been set on it for so long! Hoping maybe you could help or direct me! Much appreciated! I truly enjoy your style closet 🙂

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for reaching out. I personally do not know anyone who has this, but I am infamous for seeking out sold out items for myself, mostly on Poshmark. Have you searched there? Every once in a while I get lucky and find an item I had been looking for in a thrift or consignment shop. I did a quick search on Poshmark and found these:

      I have no idea if these are the actual style you are searching for or what size your friend is, but I thought they were worth a shot sharing with you. I know of other ladies that shop eBay, but I personally have never done that before.

      Thanks and good luck!


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