Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants + Poshmark, eBay, & DFMC Boutique

Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My Closet

It feels like forever since I have sat down to write a blog post.  As life goes, stuff happens.  I also have had a bad case of writers block, so that hasn’t helped the creative juices to flow.  So today I am simply going to share a recent outfit of mine when I wore an off the shoulder top and some cropped pants.  I also want to share a lot of the new ventures I am working on.

I recently got this top at one of my favorite thrift stores.  I was drawn mostly to the bold color and graphic floral print.  The silhouette is different from anything else in my closet with the off the shoulder neckline and the ties at the ends of the sleeves.  I was planning on wearing it untucked, but when I happen to catch glimpse of the top next to my Zara wide leg cropped pants with a high waist, I knew they would look great together.

Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My Closet

Speaking of thrifting, I have been adding quite a few listings to my Poshmark closet (more than 200 to be exact).  I have everything from XS-5X ranging from mainstream retail brands to designer pieces at all price points.  I also have handbags, jewelry, shoes, and mens fashions in my Poshmark closet.  If you have not checked out my closet so far, I would love to have you take a look.  Just click the picture below:

Closet Items


Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My Closet

I love creating outfits like this one and also for other ladies.  Curating Thrift Boxes has been an amazing experience for me and for many ladies I have created multiple boxes.  In case you don’t know yet, a Thrift Box is a mini capsule collection of 2-3 styled outfits that I put together from thrifted items all for $100.  Not only do I send out the clothes that you get to keep, I provide pictures of styled outfits of how to wear them.  No guess work.  Click the picture below to read more about my Thrift Boxes:

I have to say that my own personal closet consists of 95% thrifted items now.  I love the variety and uniqueness they provide as well as being able to use fabulous items that otherwise would be tossed.  I am constantly amazed by what I find while thrifting.

Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My Closet

One of my latest ventures has been selling on eBay.  It has been a challenge to learn an entire new platform, but it is getting easier.  The listings there are a little different including womens and mens fashions as well as a variety of other non-fashion related items.  Ray has been helping me a lot with this and it has been great to have his assistance.  To check out my eBay store, click the picture below:

Back to today’s outfit, I completed it with accessories of course.  A large cocktail ring I got at a little tea shop the last time I had tea with my mom is a memorable piece.  It also picks up on the color in the top.  Then on my wrist, a textured “leaf” stretch bracelet I picked up at Old Navy quite a while ago.  I thought it added a special touch to finish off the look.

Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My Closet

And the latest addition to my business has been the launch of my new Instagram account that I named DFMC Boutique.  It is the best way to get the latest scoop on my newest inventory as it will be the first place I show pictures of items that come in.  To check out my new IG account and Follow me there, click the picture below:

Life has taken some unexpected turns, and God has been guiding me along the way.  The Designing From My Closet business with both services and product has been challenging and so rewarding all at the same time.  I am truly grateful for everything.  And although my blog posts have not been as consistent as they had in the past, I still want to continue to provide free style content because I enjoy it so very much.

Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My Closet

And of course, you know I love to maximize my wardrobe and constantly mix up what I already own while adding new pieces every so often.  My remix feature below shows how I have worn the same cropped pants, rattan & bamboo handbag, and leopard pumps in other outfits.  Click the links below the Remix Feature picture to see either the YouTube video or IG post associated with it.

Off The Shoulder Top & Cropped Pants | Designing From My ClosetLinks:  Cropped Pants  |  Rattan & Bamboo Handbag  |  Leopard Heels

Also, Ray and I have been thrifting together and here is one of my recent YouTube videos where he joins me to show his finds as well:

Today’s Postivity Note

Dress like you are going somewhere better later.

 Be Blessed!


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Closet Items



  1. My favorite item was Ray…what a cute couple you are 🙂 I loved the shirt that he was wearing in the video, and his personality is very pleasant. It must be fun to have a husband who will thrift with you. In regard to the thrifted items that you will be keeping for yourselves, I would love to hear what kind of prices that you are paying for them in SoCal.

  2. An avid thrifter myself, I love seeing how you remix your finds with what you have! Those paperboy trousers are fabulous and I can’t believe you found that ratan bag at a thrift store – love it! The leopard pumps do add a fun twist. I love hearing about your ventures – keep it all going!

  3. So great to have your blogs back…you’ve been missed! But, it’s so exciting to hear all the things God is doing in your life and with your business!
    I love everything about this outfit! The colors and textures just come together so beautifully! I admit I’ve shied away a little from off the shoulder, not because I don’t love it, but because I can’t seem to get them to stay down! They always pop back up on me! If you have a secret to keeping them in place, I’d love to hear it!

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