How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

When shopping, we typically select items one at a time.  Whether online or in store, each individual piece is evaluated by our own personal taste, fit, and budget.  After the purchase, that item goes into our closet with the hopes it will become an active part of our wardrobe and be integrated into what we already have.  It takes vision to look at a computer screen with a garment worn by a model or mannequin and imagine what it will look like on us and what it will look like paired with other items we own.  It takes an equal amount of vision to stand in the middle of a store full of clothes and picture this one item at home, going with the rest of our closet.

Today I wanted to go through a process I go through when I bring home items from the store to create a head to toe outfit.  It is easy to get something and then feel like it has no potential in real life so I wanted to take a bit of the mystery out of it and provide an easy step by step formula to follow.

1- Let Your Garment Colors Lead the Way

Take out your newly purchased item and place it in an area away from the rest of your clothes.  I suggest laying it out on your bed or hanging it up on a hook on a clear wall.  Look at the colors in this piece and allow that to make your next step with selecting items to go along with it.

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

For example, this dress I recently got has a multitude of colors in both earth tones and bright shades.  Although the dress does not contain green, the warm burnt orange and turquoise stripes led me to select a sandal in a sage green that is in the same earth tone family.

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

2- Repeat a Detail in Different Variations

Check out the details on your garment.  Does it have a print, applique, or trim?  By taking that detail and using it in various ways by playing with scale, it can emphasize the entire look and vibe you are going for.

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

The trim of this dress has a raw edge that resembles fringe.  I ran with that detail and incorporated the fringe on the handbag that is much more exaggerated in scale.  The tassel, which I see as a sister to fringe, is also present on the ends of my necklace and ties on my sandals.  Also, I took the stripes on my dress and mimicked them subtly with the stripes of the macrame in my handbag.

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

3- Add at Least One Accessory

By pairing your garment with a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings that compliment your outfit, it really becomes a finished look.  I liken it to having a clear coffee table, then adding a pretty vase full of flowers, it just looks complete.

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

In my outfit, I am wearing a wrap necklace that has a hammered metal piece.  By placing the metal v right above the v of my neckline, it highlights the dress in a great way by not taking away from it.  My handbag is definitely an accessory in this case because it is such a statement with its texture and long fringe.  Due to its neutral color that blends into the background of the dress color, it still does not distract from the main part of my outfit: my new dress.

How to Create a Head to Toe Outfit | Designing From My Closet

If you are interested in having personalized styling services to put outfits together for you, check out my styling services.  I am also open to creating a custom package that will work just for you!


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Today’s Postivity Note

I don’t dress up for anyone but me.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. This looks fantastic, Janeane! And your tips are really helpful. Its so nice to have you back! Hope you had a wonderful trip and that you’re feeling better. You were missed while you were away!

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