Positivity Challenge

Positivity Challenge | Designing From My Closet

One thing I did not expect when I began blogging over two years ago were the connections I would make with other women.  For some reason, I expected to face controversy and mean-spirited people who would pretty much laugh me off the internet.  Facing those unwarranted fears have gotten me in such a better place in my life and I now cherish the relationships I have with all of you.

Along with all of these interactions, I get comments from women and read comments on others social media feeds filled with negative words about themselves.  This absolutely breaks my heart as I know first hand how damaging bad self-talk can seed into our psyche.  Those negative descriptors of our physical appearance and/or personality begin to take truth in our life the more we speak it into existence.  I am far from being perfect, and I now see beauty in those imperfections.  I make mistakes, and I see value in those experiences and learn from them.  In fact, those mistakes mean I am trying and not sitting stagnant.

Positivity Challenge | Designing From My Closet

This week I would like you to participate in my Positivity Challenge by looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself one positive thing that you love about yourself.  It could be a physical feature, a personality trait, a special talent or ability, anything really!  Each day this week, tell yourself a new positive thing and carry it with you throughout the day.

Positivity Challenge | Designing From My Closet

Now you know I love clothes, fashion, and style.  Wearing a great outfit, fixing my hair, and putting on makeup is just one of ways I show self love.  It is not about putting on a show for anyone or making others happy, it is about putting a look together that fits my own personal style.  For me, it is all about what I call “the art of dressing”.  My wardrobe consists of “art pieces” I get to adorn myself with every day.  And that makes me immensely happy.  It has nothing to do with trying to make myself look thinner, or taller, or tanner and has everything to do with making me shine as an individual from the inside.

Positivity Challenge | Designing From My ClosetBlue and White Gingham Twill Peplum Blouse:  Women’s  |  Women’s Plus

This Victoria Beckham for Target gingham top is very popular and I know that you might have seen it on many other bloggers.  What I love about it is that I get to style it in a way I know no one else would except for me.  A colorful statement necklace, a pair of skinny jeans, and leopard wedges were all I needed to make this loose fitting peplum my own.

Positivity Challenge | Designing From My ClosetPositivity Challenge | Designing From My Closet

Being able to tell myself positive things I love about myself is a key component to being able to serve others.  It feels odd and selfish at first to be telling yourself how beautiful you are and how much you love yourself, but then that love starts bubbling up and over so you can share it with others, which is the opposite of selfish.  I encourage you to take this challenge and show yourself some self love this week.  Every woman has something special and unique about her and you deserve to hear it, especially from you!

Today’s Postivity Note

Start each day with a grateful heart.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. I Love your videos and your blog you have been so helpful in many ways:) Thank You so much:)
    I am gonna take this challenge.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! Well, you are correct in saying that love bubbles up and you are with spreading that love to others! And you do this very well you self by showing us just that! I love your posts! And I feel very lucky I found your blog. You are very informative, pair outfits so we’ll (it’s your gift), and I’ve learned so much about, patterns and textures AND how to match things! So, please keep doing what you doing!

    1. You are so welcome. I so love creating posts and am still working on balancing my new business and creating content. It’s all coming together, but it is a learning experience on how to have good time management. 🙂 Being on vacation and then being sick hasn’t helped, but I will get into the swing of things. Thank you for your lovely comment!

      Lots of love,

  3. Janeane, this is such a beautiful post! I appreciate so much your genuineness and transparency. You have been such an inspiration to me, and I’m sure many others, in this area! I have been struggling and working on this day by day, for sometime, and I continue to see and am learning to accept that I am beautiful, because God says I am. I am his unique creation. We all are. And I need to celebrate that. Rejoice in it!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us and for all you do!
    And the outfit?! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I was just looking at that top in Target last night! It looks even better on! And I just love the way you’ve styled it! Perfection!

    1. Thank you Rhona! I agree, some days it is a struggle and that is when I rely on my habit of telling myself positive things, even if I am not “feeling it” (if you know what I mean). You are on a beautiful journey as I am in our realization of how lovely God created us, flaws and all. I feel like we are soul sisters. 🙂


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