Spring is for Dresses

Spring is for Dresses | Designing From My Closet

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to always put on a dress.  The change from winter to spring is like new life emerging in my closet too.  This time marks the anniversary of my birth, so it is always a time of reflection of new things to come the year ahead.  With me being officially 42, I take this time to explore new possibilities in my life as well as my wardrobe.  Today I am sharing a new dress I recently got that has a new element for me personally: off the shoulder.

Spring is for Dresses | Designing From My ClosetShopping Link to my Dress:  Embroidered Belted Bardot Dress

It is no surprise that I love the color blue as well as embroidery, so this dress from the Who What Wear collection at Target was on my radar the moment I saw it.  The midi length appealed to me even more.  My husband and I went out to a local park to take pictures and I feel like it fit the prairie style of this dress perfectly.

Spring is for Dresses | Designing From My ClosetSpring is for Dresses | Designing From My Closet

This casual day dress can be worn with the sleeves up, but I really enjoyed the look of them pulled down off the shoulder.  It is a straight silhouette that comes with a matching fabric sash to bring it in at the waist for a more relaxed look.

Spring is for Dresses | Designing From My ClosetSpring is for Dresses | Designing From My Closet

I kept the accessories simple with thrifted finds: a wood and resin bangle set, yellow lace clutch, and flower ring.  Then on my feet, a pair of peep toe mules.

Spring is for Dresses | Designing From My ClosetSpring is for Dresses | Designing From My Closet

Looking forward to the year ahead, I feel refreshed and renewed.  Dresses speak to my soul and this one reflects perfectly where I am in my life.

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Today’s Postivity Note

I will not be shaken.

 Be Blessed!


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    1. Thank you! I am still on the hunt for a good strapless undergarment, but I just pushed my straps over in the mean time to be able to wear this.

      1. Got it. Any thoughts about doing undergarments for us full-figured women? I would love some education on that as well.

      2. Yes! I have been reaching out to specialized retailers to see if they want to partner with me to do this. Thank you for asking this so I know I need to seek even further.

  1. What a lovely dress and the scenery is beautiful! I’m especially fond of the embroidery here… I love that trend that is currently happening. So lovely and feminine. I feel the same way about Spring/Summer and dresses and skirts… they just seem to go together.

  2. Spring is the season of dresses for me as well, and I am also loving off-shoulder styles for spring. This style is lovely on you, and I especially like the embroidery detail for a folksy, romantic touch. The length on this is really interesting, too. I feel like the longer midi length strikes the perfect balance for all the skin that’s exposed across your neck and shoulders. When knee length and maxi dresses are everywhere, this is a refreshing alternative. Breezy and beautiful!


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