New Service Launch: Designing From My Closet Thrift Box

New Service Launch: Designing From My Closet Thrift Box

At the end of 2016, I took a step back to evaluate a lot of things in my life, including my new career as a wardrobe stylist and Designing From My Closet the blog.  I have never been one to set New Years resolutions, and this reflection period just happened to coincide with the start of 2017.

If you are a long time follower, you may have noticed that instead of the three posts per week, I have been doing one pretty much every Friday.  I love creating content for my blog and I needed to be more aware of where I was spending my time.  Each one of my posts typically take me anywhere from 3 to 6 hours total to create.  Between coming up with a concept, taking pictures, editing, writing, coding, linking, researching, tagging, and then promoting on social media, it was digging into time I needed to devote to growing my business.

New Service Launch: Designing From My Closet Thrift Box

So what am I doing instead of creating blog posts you may ask?  I am proud to say that I am working with ladies to help them with their wardrobes.  Closet edits, personal shopping, styling, you name it, I am doing it.  I am also spending a good chunk of time selling on Poshmark with all the amazing items I find while thrifting.  My YouTube channel has also become a way for me to create content in motion and I have been publishing videos three times a week there.

New Service Launch: Designing From My Closet Thrift Box

Today’s outfit is featuring all thrifted items minus the necklace which was a Christmas gift.  I adore this Free People navy cold shoulder sweater paired with The Limited snakeskin print jeans and Nine West leather cut out booties.

New Service Launch: Designing From My Closet Thrift Box

I have been wanting to offer a great service to all of you for quite a while, and after doing research and testing on my end, I am finally ready to make the Designing From My Closet Thrift Box available.  What exactly is a Thrift Box you may ask?  With the Designing From My Closet Thrift Box, you are getting the convenience and expertise of having unique thrifted items according to your personal style sent directly to your doorstep.  More than just a “stylist in a box” or “fashion in a box”, the thrift box is an experience you will look forward to.  A stylist curated outfit you get to keep as well as visual and descriptive styling tips all equal to having a memorable personalized service.  By ordering you get two to three mix and match outfits curated and styled by me.

New Service Launch: Designing From My Closet Thrift Box

To find out even more and how to order your own Designing From My Closet Thrift Box click here.  You will be seeing more specialized services come available in the near future including online classes on styling and selling on Poshmark.  Thank you so much for all of my wonderful readers and I so appreciate all of your love and support ever since I began my blog.  It has been a beautiful journey and I know there is so much more in store.

Today’s Postivity Note

Be the girl who decided to go for it.

 Be Blessed!


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    1. Thank you so much Amy, I am praying that God will lead me to the right people to have this business take off. I would love to see your take on snakeskin pants as well!

  1. I’m interested in trying your service, but not sure if you find much in my size (26/28) in your area. As marvelous as I think your entire idea is…I would be more into just thrifted items that don’t go together…especially since I’m a harder to find size. Would that work for you?

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