Giving the Cold Shoulder


The cold shoulder trend has been one I was slow to receive and then when I was ready to add it to my wardrobe, I took my time to find just the right piece to do it with.  Today I am sharing my very first cold shoulder top that still reflects my eclectic modern vintage aesthetic.


When I was searching for a top I had certain requirements as not all cold shoulder tops are created equal.  A neutral, yet interesting color was a must for me and I love the heathered olive green this one from the Target clearance section had to offer.  I thought it picked up the small olive green sections in my printed wrap skirt I got last season from Anthropologie so nicely that I chose its debut with them together.


My next requirement was the size and placement of the shoulder cutout and strap.  The reason I love the cold shoulder is having just a peek of shoulder showing without looking overly exposed.  This knit top had a thick top strap that covered my bra nicely and the cutout fell beautifully over my shoulder.


I also really wanted to have long sleeves and a different shape of top.  Again, this beauty fit all the criteria.  I love the contrast of the length of the sleeve and the peek of skin at the top.  It was fun to layer a vintage turquoise cuff over top the sleeve.  The swing shape allows me to wear this top in a dressy way such as here with a slim cut wrap skirt, tucked into the front and in a casual way such as paired with some skinny jeans or leggings.


I love the way this top is also easy to add necklaces to because I have quite the collection.  For this outfit I chose a wood bead and rope design that is a last seasons style from Anthropologie that I picked up on Poshmark recently.


When you decide to participate in a trend, I always recommend doing it only if you love it personally and feel it will be something you will continue to wear for a while.  I also feel that you should take your time and find just the right item that suites you and the rest of the items in your closet.


Shopping Links to Top Row of Plus Sizes:  Asos  |  Lord & Taylor  |  Belle + Skyshop-cold-shoulder-topsShopping Links to Bottom Row of Straight Sizes:  BP  |  Free People  |  Velvet

Remix Featureremix-featureHere are three more ways I have worn this wrap skirt.  Click a link below to read that post:
Cream Sweater  |  Chambray Shirt  |  Denim Jacket

I wish you all a wonderful 2017 ahead and I look forward to where Designing From My Closet is going.  You will be seeing some changes to the website soon as I am working on a new layout and design that I am very excited about!

If you did not catch My Self Love Journey Part 2 video, here is a link to catch you up on some things happening with me.  It is a follow up to a post I did in the summer titled My Self Love Journey: Depression, Relationships, Food, Loss, Fashion, & Blogging.

Today’s Postivity Note

The best is yet to come.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. Janeane, I totally agree that if one is going to embrace a trend it has to be something they really want to do and once they do they need to shop around until they find the piece that is truly their own. I like the way your top fits and as you pointed out, the shoulder holes fall at just the right place. Love the way you styled it with the skirt. This look is perfect! Have a blessed New Year! – Amy

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