Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group

Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My Closet

Connecting with other bloggers has always been important to me.  Even if you do not blog, you can certainly relate to getting together with other ladies that are like-minded.  So after finding out that three other plus size bloggers that I followed were in Orange County, California where I live, I put into action a meet up.

Bianca of Bianca Karina, Veronica of Cid Style File, and Nina of Curvy Mod have become a very special part of my life and during our second meet up at the Anaheim Packing District we took the opportunity to do a full on photo shoot.  I enjoyed having a photographer instead of my usual timer and tripod as well as having an entourage to help with hair and clothing placement.  Just call me fully spoiled.  On the flip side, I found great pleasure in acting as photographer for the other ladies.  In today’s post, I am showing a great fall outfit and linking up with my fellow OC bloggers for even more inspiration!

Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My Closet

I recently showed this exact look in a video and loved it so much, I had to feature it on the blog.  It is such a fun look for fall with plaid and faux leather.  The leggings are actually ribbed velour and look like velvet.  In fact, I got asked a few times if they were velvet!

Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My Closet

This pretty silver necklace adds just enough sparkle to add a bit of holiday flavor.  It goes so well with the silver metallic threads that run through the plaid shirt.

Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My Closet

I loosely tied the shirt below my waist for a relaxed feel and also allowing me to feel covered with wearing leggings.  These pom-pom flats got so much attention that day, even from perfect strangers.  It was great to interact with people in such a positive way.

Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My ClosetFall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My Closet

The Anaheim Packing District was full of areas with fabulous backdrops to take pictures and we took full advantage.  We spent hours talking over lunch and walking around the area.  This is an experience I truly cherish and I look forward to meeting up with my fellow bloggers again.

Fall Outfits with the OC+ Fashion Blogger Group | Designing From My Closet

Shopping Links to top row:  Jacket  |  Plaid Shirt  |  Velour Leggingsshop-my-lookShopping Links to bottom row:  Necklace Set  |  Pom Pom Flats

Here are my blogger babes of the OC+ Fashion group:
(click the links below their pictures to see their blog posts)

bianca-karinaBianca Karina

I simply adored Bianca’s cold shoulder and mini skirt combo.  She has a style that is undeniably her own.  The color scheme of dark olive-green and a orangy camel is so beautiful for fall.

cid-style-fileCid Style File

I stopped short when I spotted Veronica in the parking lot.  This fabulous tiger sweater caught my attention in such a positive way.  It matches her spunky personality perfectly.

curvy-modCurvy Mod

I have known Nina for quite a while now and this dress and jacket outfit defines her style and personality perfectly: sweet and cute.  She is a master at black and white outfits and this printed pinafore fits right into that along with a touch of mauve through the “so on trend” bomber jacket.

Today’s Postivity Note

Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. How awesome that you got together for lunch and blog photos! I would love to have a group like this, and maybe I should look into creating one. I had some great blogger girlfriends in Nashville, and I miss that being up in Michigan. Excited to go check out the other ladies’ looks! I have the heel version of those flats, and now I think I need the flats too. Such a fun finishing touch to your look!

    ❤ Liz

  2. Janeane, it was so great being able to see you again, I had a lot of fun hanging out with all you ladies. Thanks so much for helping taking my pictures, I loved how you and Bianca took my pictures, it’s the first time I had so many pictures to chose from! I’m still loving those shoes, they are so cute and such a great touch to any outfit. I didn’t know you were wearing leggings, I thought they were pants. But yeah I’m excited for our next meeting! 🙂

    ❤ Nina

  3. What a fun day we had at the Packing House. I really loved how we took each others pictures and helped each other with poses. It really does make a difference in the pictures when some else is taking them and makes you feel good, it truly shows in the pics. BTW haven’t had any one call me spunky in years….LOL Thanks Janeane for getting us all together and forming this group! YAY of OC Plus Bloggers!! 🙂

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