Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall

Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My Closet

If you do not know by now, I am a thrifter.  I also happen to be pretty picky about the items I select and have a lot of criteria that I look for when purchasing second hand.  One retailer that I am keenly aware of is Anthropologie.  It jumps out at me when I am digging through items at thrift stores and I search for it on the second hand market like the Poshmark app.  Thrifting often means finding items that are not in season, but that does not mean I pass them up.  I recently found an Anthropologie peplum vest at Salvation Army that I fell in love with.  It is clearly a summer piece, but I got the itch to wear it now in the fall, so I came up with a solution to make my wishes come true.  Today I am sharing one of my tricks for layering summer clothing to work for fall.

What is a bit serendipitous was that I was browsing through the large “Outfit Inspiration” picture file I have on my computer and stumbled upon this picture I had seen on Instagram quite a while back.  I realized that the mannequin on the right with the cropped denim had the exact vest I had just thrifted and was paired with a necklace I had gotten off of Poshmark about a year ago.  I knew at that point I wanted to put a look together inspired by this picture even though it is styled for summer time.

Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My Closet

Instead of wearing the vest on its own or putting a jacket over it that would hide its cute features, I chose to place a navy long sleeve tee underneath it.  Cropped denim is replaced by long distressed jeans that have been shown many times here on the blog, probably because they are my current favorite.

Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My ClosetLayering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My Closet

I have to admit, I am not sure if I would have initially paired this vest with this necklace so I am thankful I had that inspiration picture because I love them together.  Although the navy blue color on the vest and the tee are not an exact match, they blend well to make for a cohesive look.  From far away, you almost think this is a long sleeve top.

Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My ClosetLayering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My Closet

Since the necklace has a bit of violet and burgundy in it, I decided to wear my Kate Spade suede fold over clutch that I got at Savers about a year ago for a punch of color.  Sand colored mules from Payless make for a neutral finishing touch on my feet.  I love that I can slip these on and off so easily.

Layering Summer Clothing to Work for Fall | Designing From My Closet

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As you can tell from this post and several in the past, I am an avid buyer on Poshmark, which is an online market place for buying and selling new and used clothing and accessories.  I am a seller there as well and in the past I have exclusively sold items from my own closet on Poshmark.  I am proud to say that I am now curating items to list as well specializing in higher end brands with a focus on Anthropologie in all sizes.  I will always be listing from my own personal closet, but now I am just adding more options because I am always finding such amazing items while I am out.  I have quite a few pieces that have been shown here on the blog plus lots more.  Join Poshmark with my referral code BYKEJ and get a $5 credit towards your first purchase.  Download the app here.  Click on the “Shop My Closet” image below to see all the listings I have available.

Closet Items

Today’s Postivity Note

Stay patient and trust your journey.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. I think the necklace is fabulous non it! Very nice outfit! I am planning on shopping forthe first time in a thrift Store next year when I am in the UK! Here in the Netherlands the thrift Stores put me off.

  2. Janeane, this is such a cute outfit. I would have never thought to get a vest/top like that, but you did. You saw the inspiration in the outfit, long before you even had the piece. We have Savers here too and I just love to go there. I will keep my I out for Anthropology items from now on as you are sold on them. Just have to keep my eyes open. I have found things from Loft, Chicos, Ralph Lauren and J.Jill, so I’m sure eventually I’ll find something from Anthro there. Thanks for posting this….I know, I’m so far behind. Ha ha. – Amy

    1. Thanks! I adore this vest and finding Anthropologie pieces at the thrift store. It is like finding gold. I love LOFT and Chico’s brands as well and have just discovered how great J.Jill is as well.

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