Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles

Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles | Designing From My Closet

These past few years have been a roller coaster.  Designing From My Closet represents so much more than fashion to me.  When I first created it I was a woman who was searching for change, internal peace, personal identity, and purpose.  After a series of upsetting circumstances and seeing my fortieth birthday approaching, I knew I needed to disrupt the known pattern of my life.

Starting a fashion blog was just one way to push myself beyond my fears and get myself out of the normal pattern I had created over the years.  It was a venture I honestly thought would last all of a few months.  Little did I know at the time how much it would be a part of my self love journey.  I created a video on the topic several months ago that I would like to do a Part II to share updates since a lot has happened since then.  Putting myself out there onto the internet took courage I did not know I had.  It also took a great deal of discipline to create content and put it out on a regular schedule.  It really shook things up in my life, in a good way.

I wish I could express all of the changes that have taken place in my life.  All I can tell you is that I feel like a new woman and I am so happy to share that with you.  After carrying around so much pain and hurt that I covered up with coping mechanisms, I do not think I realized how much was bottled up inside.  I was happy before, and now I feel a calmness, a peace inside.  And let me say that it has absolutely nothing to do with circumstances because looking through worldly eyes, things could be a lot better.  As far as I am concerned, being able to lay all of that at Jesus’ feet has taken a huge load off, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles | Designing From My ClosetShopping Links: Printed Bomber Jacket  |  Pull On Denim  |  Hobo Bag  |  Mules

As far as my personal identity, I have found great pleasure in my many current rolls that I know will be constantly changing.  For now, I am a child of Christ, a wife, a partner, a team member, a friend, a sister, a doggie mama, a wardrobe stylist, a blogger, and a motivator.  These are all titles I am proud of and take each one as a great gift bestowed upon me.

And my purpose…to put it simply, my purpose is to live in the moment.  To be present in each situation and live it to its fullest potential.  Being mindful in my decisions has created an entire new outlook on life.  My genuine self is finally emerging among all of the walls I have placed around myself and it feels wonderful.  I feel truly blessed.

Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles | Designing From My Closet

This outfit represents these changes in many ways.  The beautiful Arabesque pattern on this bomber jacket shows my love for print and color.  What better way to show my authentic self.  This fall season I have incorporated quite a bit of red into my wardrobe and it has not been by accident.  Red represents strength and power and it is an outward representation of my life right now.  The vintage necklace that was once my mothers shows that I have embraced my past with a loving heart, even if some of it was painful.  My past has created me into the woman I am today.

Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles | Designing From My Closet

One thing that has been noticeable through pictures here has been a record of me trying new types of garments.  Years before I began Designing From My Closet, I never wore skinny jeans.  I had a fear of showing the true outline of my legs because I did not embrace what my body looked like.  I also pretty much despised ankle boots and mules, yet here I am sporting and loving these beauties, all because I tried them on.

Feeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles | Designing From My ClosetFeeling Blessed in an Arabesque Print & Ruffles | Designing From My Closet

I am far from being perfect, and honestly that is not my goal.  I want to be relatable to all of my readers regardless of their age, size, or ethnicity.  You inspire me to continue and to push myself with my career as a wardrobe stylist.  I may not have the biggest following, but to me I am truly blessed to have this little space where I can share my outfits and my thoughts.  Thank you for being a part of my self love journey and Designing From My Closet.  I will constantly be pushing myself to do new ventures to see where it takes me and I hope that you enjoy them as well.

For all my US readers, have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and be blessed.


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I got my ruffled tank from the Who What Wear collection at Target last year, but I did a quick search on Poshmark and found 6 of the same top in all different sizes from different sellers.  Just click the one you are interested in below and it will take you to the listing.  To join Poshmark, download the app and  use my referral code BYKEJ to receive a $5 credit to go towards your first purchase!  Here is a link to my closet as well: j9design.

tank-1  tank-2  tank-3  tank-4  tank-5  tank-6

Remix Featureremix-featureClick the links to see other posts where I have featured items I wore in this post:
Jeggings  |  Ruffled Tank  |  Hobo Bag

Today’s Postivity Note

Be true to who you are.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. I’m so happy I discovered your blog, because you speak from your heart, are so very creative, and have helped empower ME through your journey! I love your outfit today! The skinny jeans are a piece of clothing I never would have embraced in my younger days, but bloggers like you have inspired me to reach out of my comfort zone and give things like jeans and booties a try. And I do like the look on me!

    So keep on doing what you’re doing, Janeane- we love that you do!! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh, thank you Donna! It warms my heart to read the words you wrote. I am so thankful to have blogging as a way to connect with other ladies. I look forward to what is to come! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving day as well.


  2. Janeane, knowing Christ makes such a difference in our lives, but we still have to make daily choices to submit and obey His call to us. I am so thankful that He is a merciful, forgiving and loving God and that He knows our frame is but dust. Thank you for your honest post and for sharing the lovely outfit. I love these colors on you and that jacket is just gorgeous! You look beautiful. – Amy

    1. It certainly does! Prayer is a big part of my life and is something I do sprinkled throughout my day. I don’t know what I would do without him there guiding me.

      Thanks Amy!

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