Out of My Comfort Zone: Leopard Print

Leopard Print | Designing From My Closet

As much as I adore print, for some reason or another I have avoided leopard print.  Perhaps it is that I think of it as a rather chic and sassy pattern that did not quite jive with my love of being eclectic, creative, and whimsical in my outfit selections.  Today I am going out of my comfort zone and creating a look with a high concentration of leopard print and my thought process of getting this style to work for me.

Leopard Print | Designing From My Closet

One of the reasons I love to thrift is finding pieces that sway you to purchase where in a retail environment you may not.  That was the case when I saw this boyfriend cardigan with a large scale leopard print on it at a local thrift shop.  What drew me initially to it was the oversize pattern that I more typically see in smaller proportion.  It felt fun and whimsical to me, so I decided to give it a shot, especially since it was half off its already low price.  What was even more surprising was when I saw this exact cardigan still for sale at Target, so if you are loving it like me, you can snag one for yourself!

Leopard Print | Designing From My Closet

I decided to wear it this day with a dark brown faux leather skirt that I got last season from Forever 21+.  By wrapping the sweater around and then securing it with a belt high on my torso, I created a unique look for myself.  I kept with the all neutral color palette by slipping on the Myla Oxford Booties that I got from Avenue.

Leopard Print | Designing From My ClosetLeopard Print | Designing From My Closet

More tan accessories through the satchel and wood necklace give variety in the shades of brown so I am not all one color.  The necklace does add a lot of whimsy too.  I did use some color through the use of red nail polish and lip color for a little pizzazz.  This is my second “Out of My Comfort Zone” post and I am really enjoying putting them together.  It is keeping me on my toes when it comes to my wardrobe and gives me a chance to put what I already have in my closet to work for me.  It also keeps my outfits feeling fresh as I never want to fall back into a wardrobe rut.  With the exception of the thrifted leopard cardigan, this entire look are pieces I have had in my closet for a while.  I hope that these posts give you some inspiration to go out and try new things out of your comfort zone.

Leopard Print | Designing From My Closet

Outfit Details

SHOP MY LOOKshop-my-lookShopping Links:  Avenue Bootie  |  Merona Belt  |  Target Cardigan


Shopping Links to Top Row:  1  |  2  |  3shop-animal-print-sweatersShopping Links to Bottom Row:  4  |  5  |  6

Remix Featureremix-featureFaux Leather Skirt  |  Wood Necklace  |  Booties

Today’s Postivity Note

This is the year I will be stronger, braver, kinder, unstoppable, and this year I will be FIERCE.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. So funny you should mention getting out of your comfort zone with a leopard print- I just got a knit faux-wrap top with a mixed-up animal print in beige, brown, gray, and black colors on a white backround! Definitely not “me”, but I wanted to try something different! I received many compliments on the top, so I guess I’m going to have to try that more often! I think receiving compliments gives me just the boost/encouragement I need to try new things. I’ve also been giving booties a try, thanks to you and a few other bloggers I read. It’s like you ladies are giving me the little push I need to try new things- so thank you very much!!

    1. Ah Ha! We are on the same wave length Donna. Trying something new and different can feel awkward at first, but then when you get people reacting to it, it feels great. I am so happy you are exploring new types of garments and booties are one I used to have an aversion to years ago myself, so I hear ya. Now they are a wardrobe staple for me, just like I am sure you have found. Thanks for the comment!


  2. I don’t know why you waited on the leopard print, Janeane. You nailed it! But then I think you nail every outfit your wear! I love the rich browns and tans of this outfit and you made it work for you by belting the sweater. Love the necklace and the red lips and nails, just add that perfect touch of sexy! Great look. – Amy

  3. I love this look on you, Janeane! So beautifully ! This sweater was a great find! It’s going to be so versatile in your wardrobe, more than you think! I admit to already being a big fan of animal prints! In fact on my last thrifting adventure I scored an adorable pair of new condition leopard print flats. I am in love with them and have been going out of my way to find outfits to wear them with!

    1. Thank you Rhona! It was for certain a great find and I am happy I got it. I have already worn it several times. And leopard flats are a great addition to your closet. Have fun styling them!


  4. Wow! I love the cardigan, I have Always loved a leopard print but the last month it seems I want everything leopard printed! I have to watch out! You look stunning dear.

    1. Haha! I have noticed when I have an affinity for a certain print or color or style, I am instantly drawn to it when I shop and I do have to reign myself in. I can see why you love leopard print so much though, it is certainly growing on me.

      Thank you,

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