Cut Out Sleeve Dress + Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Styling Services & Giveaway

Cut Out Sleeve Dress | Designing From My Closet

Over twenty years ago I can recall shopping for my wedding gown.  It was in the midst of the nineties and sequins and all things embellished was everywhere.  Now while I enjoy a good embellishment, I remember having a vision of how I wanted to look on my big day.  When I explained to the sales associates helping me that I was looking for a dress that had architectural details, meaning details sewn into the garment versus anything sparkly, they looked at me rather bewildered.  Thankfully my mom had my back and came back to the fitting room with exactly what I was looking for.

Still to this day I have a tendency to go for pieces that are sparkly and embellished, but when I see a good piece that carries great “architectural” details, I snap them up.  They give me the perfect backdrop for my many accessories that I own and they have enough pizzaz to not fall flat in and of itself.  So when I saw the Merlot Cutout Sleeve Hi Lo Dress on the Avenue site, I took pause.  The unusual sleeve and hemline details really caught my attention.  I also just recently previewed it in my Red Themed Fall Haul video.  Today I styled it all up and took it for a test spin because I loved it so much and wanted to share the look with you.

I am also opening up the Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Styling Services and the Giveaway today!  You can read more information on that towards the end of this post.

Cut Out Sleeve Dress | Designing From My Closet

Some may say that you first notice the large, colorful chain necklace in this outfit.  And I have to agree with you, it is for sure a stand out piece.  I also am very aware that I do not have many chances to wear this necklace because it calls for a more refined garment to allow it to shine.  This is why I am so thrilled that I found this dress.  I know I have already called attention to the cut out sleeves, but I have to again say that I am loving this special detail.  It keeps this dress from falling into the background and that is why I love it so much.

Cut Out Sleeve Dress | Designing From My Closet

I messed around with this look for quite some time because I am considering altering it a bit.  The fit of this dress is loose around the torso and for how I would like to wear it, I would need to take it in at the waist.  To give me an idea of what it would look like, I placed a simple belt a little higher than my natural waistline.  While I enjoy the belt, I think I would enjoy it a little better more streamline without it.

Cut Out Sleeve Dress | Designing From My Closet

Since my necklace has a bit of pink in it, I decided to go with a blush colored clutch.  This would not have been my initial selection and I am so glad I went with it because it looks stunning against the deep Merlot red of the dress.  All in all, the dress, necklace, and clutch all carry touches of my personal eclectic style and I could not be more pleased.  I think this outfit would be great for any of my upcoming holiday events as well as to business and client meetings.

Cut Out Sleeve Dress | Designing From My Closet

To shop the dress, click the widget below.


Now it’s your turn to get ready for the holidays when it comes to your wardrobe!

Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Styling Services | November 4-November 18 | Designing From My Closet

I announced this new limited time service earlier this week, but here is a recap:

From Friday, November 4th to Friday, November 18th I am going to offering the Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Styling Services.  If dressing for holiday events feels overwhelming to you and you feel you would like a helping hand to put together a personalized look for you from Avenue, the Get Ready for the Holidays Styling Service is perfect for you.  Avenue is a fabulous place to shop for plus size clothing, sizes 14-32.

I came up with three styling plans for you to choose from all at great price points that you can purchase with ease through PayPal ranging from $25-$50.  Here is what you get for the services:

  • Digital image(s) of a complete women’s outfit(s) including Avenue clothing, shoes, accessories, and/or handbag(s)
  • Avenue shopping links to everything specified in the digital image outfit(s)
  • Styling Tips for how to put everything together
  • Everything is based on your style preferences and sizing
  • Styling completed and emailed directly to you within 2-3 business days
  • A $25 off of $75 coupon code to Avenue given in the email with your styled outfit
  • One entry into the Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Giveaway

Click here to find out details for each service.

Each person who purchases a Styling Service from November 4th to November 13th will be entered into a giveaway to win the three piece outfit pictured below that I already pulled together.  It is a great casual look that can be easily styled and I will be announcing the winner on Monday, November 14th!

Avenue Get Ready For the Holidays Giveaway | Designing From My Closet

Today’s Postivity Note

I’ll look back on this and smile because it was LIFE and I decided to live it.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. Janeane you look stunning in this outfit. I actually like the belt, though I see what you mean about wanting it to be more streamline, but the belt adds a bit of whimsy to the outfit making it stand out even more. I love the cutouts on the sleeves, the color and the asymmetrical hem line. Your accessories are perfect! Such a great look. – Amy

    1. I’m with you on the sleeves, girls. They are beautiful and make a possible “simple sheath” dress look unique. It’s like filigree for the sleeves! For me, a wine-colored dress can look formal, but the fit, asymmetrical hemline and the cutout sleeves really modernize the dress. Also, I have tried to wear some of the larger necklaces you pull off so beautifully, Janeane, but I think my larger glasses compete too much. Thanks for all of your positivity and artistic approach to dressing!

      1. Yes, I am obsessed with these cut out sleeves! Oh, I like the filigree reference. I enjoy wearing both larger statement pieces as well as understated simple ones. Thanks for such a wonderful comment!


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