Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket

Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket | Designing From My Closet

When it comes to trends, I first take into account my personal style.  If a trend happens to aline itself with my style, I can see myself partaking in it.  One trend that has caught my eye has been the bomber jacket.  I am no stranger to the bomber jacket as I did a Bomber Jacket Lookbook last fall prior to them becoming such a huge trend this season.  My eclectic style that has elements of creative and edgy (see my Find Your Style Type section) and when I saw a dusty mauve one with a floral print on it, I thought it would lend itself well in my closet.  Today I am mixing this whimsical printed jacket with distressed jeans to marry two elements from my personal style together.

Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket | Designing From My Closet

The bomber jacket is like this seasons cardigan.  You can pop it over a tee, blouse, cami, or dress for an instant current look.  This classic silhouette now has all kinds of styles available from dark and rocker to girlie and whimsical.

Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket | Designing From My Closet

I had some fun with this floral bomber jacket and wore it all zipped up to feature it as a top.  A zebra print clutch and distressed denim keep this outfit from going too sweet for my taste, plus I love any chance I get to print mix.  Some dark brown booties add even more toughness.

Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket | Designing From My Closet

Printed bomber jackets are fun to style because you can pick and choose which color you want to highlight each time you wear it.  I chose to wear a large vintage inspired faux green stone necklace to pick up on the dark green in the leaves of the print.  I think it adds even more of that eclectic, quirky feel I am always wanting to achieve as well.  The mustard yellow and dark merlot red colors in the jacket are ones I want to feature with it in the future.

Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket | Designing From My Closet

This particular jacket is reversible with the other side being the solid dusty mauve color.  I would just need to remove the brand and size tag from the neck to be able to do that.  Consequently, this jacket does not have any pockets, but that is not a deal breaker for me.  It’s silky fabric adds great sheen and polish.

Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket | Designing From My Closet

There are several lower price point bomber jackets out there as well as gorgeous high end ones and either way you go, this silhouette will always be a great addition to a wardrobe.  I can see this jacket also being worn in the spring time with shorts or sundress as a light layer.  The beauty of them being on trend right now is that you are able to select one that has a particular print, color, or fabric that suites your personal style.

Trend to Try: The Bomber Jacket | Designing From My Closet

Are you on the bomber jacket trend for this fall?

Outfit Details

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  1. I have been amazed at how many bombers I’ve been seeing.
    I have one that I bought last year, but it’s a mint green & lace—so I always think of it as a spring item. I need to take my own advice and wear it anyways!!
    Thanks for the inspiration Janeane!

    1. Sorry it is taking me so long to get back in response to your comment! I honestly cannot believe how many versions of bombers are out too. So many colors and styles. For me, they will be something that will stay beyond this trend craze.

      Thanks Jodie!

  2. I love your bomber! You won’t believe this, but I just picked up a reversible floral one this week and was so excited, I drafted a post for the blog for next week! I agree with you, I think it is such a versatile piece – kind of replaces the cardigan for me (not that I plan to toss all my cardis) and is such a fun update for any outfit! Great inspiration!

    1. Sorry it is taking me so long to get back in response to your comment! So true, the bomber is such a fun alternative for a fall layer. You and I both enjoy a slouchy fit and these are so perfect for that. Thanks Suzanne!


  3. So you won’t believe this, but I just purchased a floral bomber this week! I was so excited about it, I drafted a post to publish next week on the blog! I love how you styled yours here. It really is such a fun update to the cardigan (not that I am tossing any of my cardigans any time soon). Great post!

  4. This is my kind of bomber jacket! As you know, my favorite moto is pink with rose gold hardware. I like even my edgiest pieces to have a touch of girly glam. And a pink satin bomber with a fall floral print is perfect! I also like the idea of pairing a girly floral topper with distressed denim on bottom. Playing with those juxtapositions feels fresh, creative, and thoughtfully styled. And obviously you’re a master at that. Super fun outfit, Janeane!

    ❤ Liz

    1. Sorry it is taking me so long to get back in response to your comment! I had a feeling this jacket would catch your attention. Every time I see you in that pink moto jacket, I get a little twinge of envy. It is so incredible. And you know me so well, I like to mix it up a bit with the opposing styles. Thanks Liz!


  5. I have been noticing all the bomber jackets that are in the stores now and I am definitely going to invest in one, I just need to find the right one at the right price. Maybe I should put it on my Christmas list and see what my family comes up with. Ha, ha. That could be fun! Great outfit, Janeane. Thanks for sharing. – Amy

    1. Yes, bomber jackets are EVERYWHERE now so you have plenty to choose from with color, style, and price point. I love it when family picks items out for me. Most of the time they are pieces I never would have initially gotten for myself, then find that I am constantly grabbing for them in my closet. I love when that happens!


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