Style Detail Highlight: Texture

Style Detail Highlight: Texture | Designing From My Closet

I feel like I am introducing you to a lot of new series I am beginning, and I am pleased to bring you another one that I am very excited about.  The Style Detail Highlight series will focus on one detail of putting an outfit together that makes it interesting.  It may be a classic detail, and it may be a new trend detail that I will highlight.  Either way, I am wanting Designing From My Closet to have a styling focus and be a source of information for you that goes beyond the exact pieces I am wearing.  For my first Style Detail Highlight, I am going to feature Texture.  I have an outfit I just recently wore that has several touches of it in various forms.

Style Detail Highlight: Texture | Designing From My Closet

I wore this outfit this last weekend and wanted to keep it casual, but still show some personal style.  I selected a neutral color palette in white, tan, and blue.  When I go this subtle in tone and devoid of print, I enjoy ramping up the texture to add more interest.


Lace is a beautiful way to add texture to an outfit.  Crochet lace is a more robust version so this is a way to wear it without being too extremely dainty.  My white crochet lace tank has a great hemline that really shows the detail and I love how it falls over any bottom that I may be wearing with it.

Style Detail Highlight: Texture | Designing From My Closet


Sheen is one way to have texture without actually having bulk in any form or fashion.  These tan skinny jeans have a coated finish on them that keep them from falling flat.

Style Detail Highlight: Texture | Designing From My Closet


Denim naturally has texture with the heavy threads that are in the textile.  My dark wash denim jacket provides great texture without being overpowering.

Style Detail Highlight: Texture | Designing From My Closet


Fringe is a fun way to create texture to any outfit, even in small portions.  This Ring Denim Fringe Necklace that I designed and handcrafted gives an eclectic feel to this entire outfit.  I am proud to say that I am now selling this style and one other necklace design in my shop, so go check it out!

Style Detail Highlight: Texture | Designing From My Closet


Leather (and in my case faux) has a beautiful texture that can vary from smooth to very pitted.  These zipper booties also have a bit of sheen to them as well.  Two textures in one!

Style Detail Highlight: Texture | Designing From My Closet


Brocade and jacquard fabrics are a heavy woven textile that gives ultra texture.  My brocade handbag with flower pom poms give a big dose of texture as well as a pop of color to this outfit.

Remix Featureremix-featureDenim Jacket & Lace Tank  |  Black Zipper Booties  |  Fabric Clutch



What is your favorite type of texture to incorporate into your outfits?

Today’s Postivity Note

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars.  You have to let go at some point in order to move forward. -C.S. Lewis

 Be Blessed!


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    1. Sorry it is taking me so long to get back in response to your comment! Thank you Judith. I love styling and is why I am venturing out into the world of being a stylist with my online services.

      All the best,

  1. Janeane, thanks for showing this combination of textures. I have really been trying to mix more textures into my outfits, which seems to be easier to do as the weather gets chillier. I have a similar lace top – crochet – but in brown. I’ll have to get that back out and see what I can do with it. Thanks for inspiring me again. – Amy

    1. I think texture has to be one of my favorite elements in fabrics, which is why love to shop in store. And I so agree, when the weather turns cooler, the layers give more opportunities.


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