Designing From Your Closet Style Challenge: Second Session Registration Now Open


Did you miss the first session of the DESIGNING FROM YOUR CLOSET STYLE CHALLENGE?  After requests from ladies who were not able to make it to the first class, I am happy to announce that I am doing it again!

Or, if this is your first time reading about this STYLE CHALLENGE class, read on for more details…

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Do you enjoy reading fashion blogs, but have a challenging time putting those inspirational looks into practice?  Do you have a closet full of clothes, but still feel like you have nothing to wear?

If you are ready to make a change, take the DESIGNING FROM YOUR CLOSET STYLE CHALLENGE.

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The DFYC STYLE CHALLENGE is a seven day fashion and style class via a Private Facebook Group designed to help you shop your own closet and give you outfit building tools to take the question out of what to wear.  You will come out of the course with:

  • The building blocks of outfit planning
  • Maximizing what you already own
  • Knowledge of what to shop for in the future
  • Real planned outfits ready to wear
  • Celebrating your unique style
  • Self confidence

During this course, a daily prompt with instructions, tips, and encouragement will be given for you to shop your own closet.  No shopping required (unless you want to).  I will be going through outfit planning using my outfit building tips including using prints and color as well as for specific occasions such as work and events.  Then the fun begins as you delve into your closet and pull together outfits from pieces you already have using my outfit building techniques.  Each day builds upon the next so you can really get a variety of ways to establish your personal style.

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As a challenge participant, you will:

  • Have access to the private DESIGNING FROM YOUR CLOSET STYLE CHALLENGE Facebook group
  • Be able to post pictures of outfits following the daily guidelines
  • Have me as your acting personal stylist for the week
  • Receive and give support with the rest of the DFYC STYLE CHALLENGE community
  • Be able to ask me specific styling questions

DFMC Style Challenge Header H

The DESIGNING FROM YOUR CLOSET STYLE CHALLENGE is from Sunday, October 2nd – Saturday, October 8th.  Since you all lead different lives with different time zones, this open week will allow everyone to participate, regardless of your personal schedule.

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To participate in the DFYC STYLE CHALLENGE you will need:
  • A camera or camera phone
  • A Facebook account (free to get an account, Create an Account on Facebook)
  • A PayPal account (free to get an account, Create an Account on PayPal)
  • An email account
  • A computer or device for interacting in the Facebook group and posting photos
  • Access to your closet and accessories

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The cost for this 7 day style challenge course is $15 via PayPal – a great value for a program that gives you personal advice from an online stylist.  You are going to unleash to potential of what you already own in your wardrobe.

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If you are ready to shop your closet and get over the feeling of that you have nothing to wear or if you just need some guidance with pieces you already have and feel stuck, then the DESIGNING FROM YOUR CLOSET STYLE CHALLENGE is a great choice for you!  I can’t wait to get to know you and help you feel your very best.

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As soon as both your information and payment is submitted, you will get an invitation email to join the DESIGNING FROM YOUR CLOSET STYLE CHALLENGE Private Facebook Group.  Click the link to join and we will begin the CHALLENGE on Sunday, October 2nd!

Here is what people are saying about the DFYC STYLE CHALLENGE:

“The Designing from My Closet Style Challenge helped me learn to make deliberate choices about my wardrobe using pieces I had forgotten I already had.”

“One of the things that I truly loved about your course was that it was for EVERYBODY! It did not matter if you were plus size, petite, younger, older, very conservative, very edgy… the guidelines that you gave were universal style guidelines that applied to everyone. Anyone could use them. Everyone could feel comfortable.”

“Janeane shared practical guidelines and thoughtful insights for putting together great outfits using what I already own!  As a result of the class, I am more satisfied with what’s in my closet and am able to present myself in a way that is confident and stylish.”

DFMC Style Challenge Header I

This STYLE CHALLENGE is something I am beyond excited to share it with you.  Ever since I began my blog, I wanted to have a place where I could interact with ladies to discuss fashion and style. And that is where this style challenge was created from.  Formerly a professional interior designer, and now a personal stylist, this style course is one of many services I provide, including one-on-one personal styling, local and virtual shopping, and closet organization.

Many years ago I was in a huge style rut, choosing the same “uniform outfits” all the time.  I also was not happy with how I looked in anything because of low self esteem.  After completing a big interior design project, I realized I had all the tools I needed at my fingertips with my color theory knowledge, ability to mix and match prints, and precise eye for selecting just the right accessories for a room.  Once I threw out my “rule book” of personal hangups I had with my body and focused more on wearing pieces I loved that showed my personality, my confidence grew.  I now take those same principals I learned from being an interior designer and apply them to everyday dressing.  Essentially: Designing From My Closet.

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