Cropped Jumpsuit

Cropped Jumpsuit

If someone would have told me I would have a cropped jumpsuit a year ago I probably would say they were crazy.  Although I dabble in trends, I rarely go for ones that are extreme.  This chambray cropped jumpsuit however was a piece I was strangely attracted to.

I first showed this exact jumpsuit at the end of my Spring 2016 Trend: Lightweight Denim post and wanted to try it ever since.  Then I got a chance to try it on during my last vacation in April and previewed it in my Plus Size Try On Haul video on YouTube.  And let me tell you, I love this jumper!

Cropped Jumpsuit A

Being short in stature, I was not wanting my legs to look like little stubs so I opted for a heeled bootie.  I think as far as this jumpsuit is concerned, I will always wear some kind of heel with it.  Perhaps it is the comfort of the wide leg, or perhaps it is the shear “you really shouldn’t be wearing that” factor that makes me like this piece so much.

Cropped Jumpsuit FCropped Jumpsuit D

What I love the most about this is that it is a blank canvas for any of my statement necklaces, scarves, or printed jackets/cardigans.  This time around I layered it with a watercolor geometric print scarf with tassels that I previewed in my Jewelry & Accessories Haul video.  I have worn it several times, but have never shown it on the blog.  And speaking of scarves, are you wearing yours?  This is the perfect time to remind you of the DFMC Scarf Challenge that I announced in my How to Wear a Scarf post.

Cropped Jumpsuit ECropped Jumpsuit G

So I am ready for my happy dance moment here in my cropped jumpsuit.  This guy is going to be worn so many times this spring and summer.

Cropped Jumpsuit B

What are your thoughts on cropped pants?

Outfit Details

Remix FeatureRemix Feature_ Cropped JumpsuitBooties  |  Satchel  |  Metal Bangle


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Today’s Postivity Note

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. -Pablo Picasso

 Be Blessed!


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  1. I think it looks great Janeane—to me it almost looks like a dress since the legs aren’t super tapered!
    This is the same length of my culottes, and I feel the same way about heels with it–still love them though!

  2. This is so cute on you! And like you say, you can really do so much with it, because it can go with so many different colors and accessories! My only complaint about wearing a jumpsuit myself is the work it takes to use the restroom. Ha, ha. Us old ladies have to be concerned about that! But it absolutely works for you and I like it with the heels! Great look! – Amy

    1. Thank you! I have already planned quite a few looks with it so I will have fun playing around. And I so get you on the restroom thing. I actually tested out in the fitting room how easily I could get in and out for that very reason! I adjusted the button on the back to be able to get it off lickty split because you can count me in as one of those ladies. 🙂


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