Shop with Me at JCPenney: Boutique+

Shop with Me at JCPenney Boutique +

I was so beyond excited when I heard the news of Ashley Nell Tipton collaborating with JCPenney.  There have been several bloggers that have featuring pieces from the line recently and I wanted to to a full in the fitting room try on video for you.  I tried on every single piece they had available on the showroom floor and there are even more online that I did not get to preview.  I have a feeling that depending on your local JCPenney you will find a different selection.  This new line called Boutique+ is currently 40% off, so if you like something, it is worth going in to check it out.

Enjoy the video:

I also wanted to share Ang Vaughn’s video as she also went to preview the collection.  She has a younger perspective than me and I love seeing what other ladies thoughts are.  She also got to try a few more items that were not available at my store.  See her video here: Trying on Boutique + by Ashley Nell Tipton * Fitting Room Finds #3

So what are your thoughts on the Boutique+ line?

Here are the items I tried on in order:

Destructed Skinny Cropped Jeans

Short-Sleeve Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top

Woven Poncho Top

Mixed Layer Woven Tank Top

Cropped Leggings

Elbow-Sleeve Woven Swing Tee

Essential V-Neck Camisole

Long Line Shirt Dress

Sleeveless Swing Knit Top

Woven Romper

High-Low Hem Dress

Pleated Skirt

V-Neck Graphic Tee

Moto Vest

Today’s Postivity Note

You were born to be real, not to be perfect.

 Be Blessed!


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  1. What a nice video 🙂 I especially liked the first outfit, the last outfit, and the maxi dress. All of those were very flattering on you. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into this production.

    1. Hehe, it kind of felt like a production, but a fun one at that! I am so glad you enjoyed the video. I really liked that pink pleated skirt too!


  2. Another great video, Janeane. I agree with the you. The distressed jean capris looked great on you and I liked the pleated skirt and tee. I think many of the other things added too much extra “material” with all the layers of chiffon and so on. I’m with you, as far as, if it is summer it needs to be material that can breath otherwise I won’t wear it. Thanks for sharing! – Amy

  3. Since I just started following you about a month ago, I hadn’t seen your videos before. I have to say, you did a great job on this one! I thought you modeled some cute things, even if they weren’t your style, and you gave me a look at Penney’s clothing that I might not have thought of giving a try to. Just might log on their website and see what the sale prices are! Thank you for the video- I look forward to seeing more, as your body type is much like mine (although I’m about 20 years older than you!) and I like being able to see clothes on a real person! Not sure I’d ever be comfortable bringing a camera into a dressing room with me!!

    1. I began my “Shop With Me” series right before I went and broke my hip so I am getting back into it and hopefully will be able to have one a month like I planned. And thank you, I wanted to try on pieces even if they were not me, because I thought other ladies might like them. It makes a difference seeing them on and in “action” so to speak. And I was sooooo thankful no one decided to go into the dressing room next to me (there were only two in this particular area) so I had some privacy. The last time I did one people said I was too quite and they could not hear me, but it was because I got all shy thinking other people would here me in the other dressing rooms. 🙂


  4. Great video Janeane, your voice is so calming I can listen to you talk all day! lol But yeah I’ve been wanting to go to JCpenny to try on some of the items but I haven’t had time.The one thing I really I wanted to try on was the pink pleated skirt but it looks long on you and I’m like it how would it look on my I’m so much shorter then you. But I might have to go and try it anyways, I love the vest too it’s so cute. Also I think the distressed capris looked great on you!

    ❤ Nina
    | |

    1. Aww, what a nice compliment. I sometimes feel like my voice is so mousy. It gets even higher pitched the more excited I get! The angle I took the video and picture is a little weird because I am so close to the mirror in the dressing room so it may look a little longer than it really is. I have to say that pleated skirt is a true midi being at my mid calf and would probably land on you longer than on me. I am not sure if you mom would be handy with that chiffon pleated fabric to hem it up a few inches for you or not. I have difficulty with that type of fabric, but I think she is much more skilled than me on the sewing machine. It is most defiantly worth a try though! Yes, I can so see you in this vest, I thought it was made really good and had some great details. It looked much more expensive than it really is.


  5. A follow-up to my earlier comment… I went to my local JCPenney store last night and they had the whole Boutique+ collection there. I felt like you, Janeane- trying on almost everything in a hot dressing room!! I liked what I tried on, and went home with two pieces from the collection (everything was 40% off!)- the “Moroccan” chiffon-y top with the attached orange tank, and the hi-low blouse with the black backround, but in the purple/pink-y flower fabric. LOVE them!! I tried the distressed capris, but they didn’t fit me right. I tried the 20- too big, and the 18- a little tight at the waist. Eh, I’ll keep looking!!

    JCPenney should give you commission on what we’re buying due to Ang’s and your blogs! I can truly say I wouldn’t have gone in there without seeing your videos! Thank you so much for the inspiration!! ❤

    1. Haha! I am totally picturing myself again in that hot fitting room!!! And I am so glad you found pieces you fell in love with enough to take home. The colors in that Moroccan top are so stunning. And those hi-low blouses seemed like they can go with a lot of things as well as going both casual and dressy depending upon what you pair with it. Yes, I have that issue sometimes with pants/denim being “inbetween” sizes and you have the right idea to keep looking.

      I am so glad you found inspiration and enjoy your new finds! Thank you for letting me know. 🙂


  6. Finally getting a chance to watch your video! I am behind in my video watching – surprise, surprise. lol I love the capris on you and the romper thing was cute, but fabric is such a big issue for me lately. I want to try on the turquoise cold shoulder and that maxi dress. I think I may actually like the ruffle because I have a small bust and ruffles up top tend to balance out my hips more. Well, now you got me excited to do dressing room posts again. 🙂 I just need to find time to go try stuff on!

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