How I Organize My Closet

How I Organize My Closet

A reader recently contacted me and asked me about how I organize my closet.  More specifically, how I relate this to the Remix Feature that I have at the end of most of my outfit posts.  Being able to utilize a piece in multiple ways is important to me and I find that it expands my creativity to be able to remix my wardrobe.

Today, I am going to talk about the way I have my closets organized as well touch briefly on how I remix.  Included in this post is a video of me giving you a tour of my own closet.  It may not be very fancy, no walk ins, no upscale closet systems, just a couple of rods.  Regardless, I find it is very easy to manage and even better, the pieces in it make me very happy and excited to get dressed every morning.

Having a closet full of clothes that you can mix and match together is something I never thought I would have.  I thought I needed more and more to fulfill my need for something to wear.  Then I discovered that having less has actually increased my remixing capabilities after doing a massive closet edit almost two years ago.  For me, the key has been honing my personal style.  By tuning into what I want to look like and taking that with me when I shop has been extremely beneficial.  That being said, my purchases are less all over the place and more intentional.  This intentionality has taken away the “I have nothing to wear” mentality.

Here is the closet tour video with me talking through how I organize my closet.  Below I have written out my organizational method so you can bookmark it for reference if you so choose.

How I Organize My Closet:

  1. By garment type
    1. Bottoms together
      1. Subcategories
        1. Jeans by color
        2. Pants by color/print
        3. Shorts by color/print
        4. Skirts by length
    2. Dresses together
      1. By length
    3. Tops together
      1. Subcategories
        1. Vests by color
        2. Cardigans by color
        3. Jackets by color
        4. Tanks by color
        5. Short sleeve tops by color
        6. Long sleeve tops by color

It is a simple method and it really works for me.  I am able to find things quickly and easily.  It also allows me to see things when I am remixing a piece.  Even after I typed this out, it seems almost too simple, like there needs to be some more bells and whistles, but there really isn’t.  All I can say is that I used to have my closet purely by color and I thought it was working for me.  When I did my closet edit, I switched it over to this.  At first I was not sure, but after about a week of working in it, I found it was much more efficient.

See my Dream Accessory Closet post.

Today’s Postivity Note

Of this be sure: you do not find the happy life…you make it. -Thomas S. Monson

 Be Blessed!


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  1. Great post, Janeane! Thank you so much for answering my question. I’m going to go back and read your posts on closet clean out now as I think that is the first step in reorganizing my way too large wardrobe. BTW I have the very dress you are wearing in the video – I think it looks lovely on you. : )

    1. Yah! I am so glad you found it helpful Amie. Sorry it is taking me so long to respond to your comment. And since I got a few responses from several platforms on this blog regarding cleaning out and editing closets, I am going to be doing another post on that topic (maybe with a video? not sure yet) in the beginning of June.

      And this dress is so beautiful, I am sure you saw it again in my latest blog post. I am glad you were able to get it too!


  2. Love your videos! You need to start posting on Youtube! This was really informative and I do a similar thing, organizing by type of clothing and color. My biggest problem is getting rid of stuff. I need to purge. When you buy new things do you usually get rid of something else? I’ve tried to do that, just so I don’t become a “hoarder”. Ha,ha. But it is so easy to buy, buy, buy and not so easy to get rid of things. Often time is a factor. You are doing a lovely job and you are so fun to watch. Keep the good ideas coming! – Amy

    1. Yes, I am doing a few more videos, they just take so much time and I am still figuring out the entire filming and editing process. Pro YouTubers make it look so easy! And I am going to be doing a post in the beginning of June about editing your closet, so keep an eye out for that one!


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