Life Lately 

Hello my friends!

Well, if you are not following me on social media, you may not know that I decided to go ahead and have surgery on my hip to repair the internal crack that I was hoping to have heal naturally.  Unfortunately, the crack was continuing to grow and traveling down my femur.  To avoid a full on break and to get me up and walking again (it has been four month that I have been bound to a wheelchair or hopping on one foot with a walker), surgery was eminent.

My lack of posts recently have not been because I am not blogging anymore, but rather I am recovering.  I am doing really good post surgery and have already done a few photo shoots that I have plans for.  Soon my schedule of three posts a week will be back, but until then, I am taking a step back to heal all the way up.

I posted this picture on social media of an outfit with a super comfy feel.

Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog Ava & Viv Cardigan: Target  |  White Tank: Catherines  |  Printed Pants: Old Navy  |  Wood Bead Necklace: Anthropologie  |  Etched Metal Bangle: World Market via Poshmark  |  Brown Flats: Payless

All of the pieces are from my closet and the only item still available for sale are my shoes.  I still had some bandages on so I was avoiding anything too terribly form fitting.  That isn’t keeping me from feeling good about myself though!

More Designing From My Closet coming soon!

Today’s Postivity Note

Vulnerability is strength. -Cheryl Strayed

 Be Blessed!


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