New Years Eve in Damask

Getting dressed up is one of my favorite things to do.  While some find lounge wear a go to for comfort, I am all about the drama about fancy dresses, jewelry, and makeup.  More and more I have been looking virtually at trendy boutiques online to find unique pieces.  My exterior may want to be gussied up, and my personality calls for more intimate settings with friends as I am not a big social butterfly.

This holiday season, special events are a regular occurrence and PinkBlush, a women’s online boutique, gifted me three dresses to keep me looking fabulous for all of them.  I got to wear an olive dress in my Layering for the Holidays with the Family post and a burgundy dress in my Whimsical Christmas Luncheon post.  For my final holiday dress I get to show you my New Years Eve dress.  The Purple Damask 3/4 Sleeve Plus Dress is one that instantly drew me in because of the overall pattern.

Pink Blush Purple Damask Dress | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

Ever since my college days, I have been obsessed with different textiles.  Damask itself was introduced into Europe by Marco Polo and is very similar to a brocade.  That and I have been on a total The Tudors binge On Demand on Showtime where damask was worn by royalty.  Has anyone else watched this show on the reign of King Henry VIII?  Anyhow, this tone-on-tone design, in this instance, purple, is indicative of this pattern.  It’s low profile texture is so rich looking on this simple silhouette knit dress.

Pink Blush Purple Damask Dress | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

To add a little bit of sparkle and more texture to this beauty, I accessorized with a gem and raffia necklace and a shell encrusted clutch that my husband gave to me many years ago.  I do not get to wear it very often and I think this is the perfect occasion to do so.  My preference would be to wear heels with this style of dress, but since I am still healing from my hip injury, I think these black lace up pointy toe flats look mighty good!

Pink Blush Purple Damask Dress | Designing From My Closet | Plus & Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

While all of my items I have gotten from PinkBlush Boutique have been in a 3X and have fit perfectly, this dress seems to run a little bit smaller.  It is a tad snug and I think if I size up it would fit better.  I like the comfortable stretch that this dress has and while it has color and pattern, it still lends itself to be accessorized, which I enjoy.  This dress is unlined and I wore shape wear underneath for smoothness.

I hope you enjoyed my cute holiday dresses for women from ShopPinkBlush and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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