Getting Ready for the Holidays: Creating a Vintage Christmas Look for your Home

Vintage ChristmasThis post has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I have done several posts in the past collaborating with three of my friends when it comes to fashion and after getting to know Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy, Hailey of Discourse of a Divine Diva, and Nina of CurvyMod it has come apparent that each one of us have a specific lifestyle topic that we enjoy.

Since I am an interior designer, I love referencing home decor, Liz is a fabulous party hostess and loves to cook and bake, Hailey is my own personal guide to all things beauty and makeup so I pretty much have coined her as a beauty expert, and Nina has a knack for putting together some of the most fabulous outfits including using vintage ethnic pieces.

With all that being said, I proposed that we join forces and highlight our strengths to create a four part post called “Getting Ready for the Holidays”.  We all decided on a vintage retro theme so you can read all about creating a look for your home here on Designing From My Closet and then click on over to the other ladies blogs to give you a guides for recipes, beauty, and fashion.  So without further ado, here is how to get ready for the holidays by creating a vintage look for your home.

Chunky Knits

Homemade pieces are something that are always reminiscent of vintage style.  Knitting is something I picked up on a few years ago and I love the warmth and texture that it provides.  Think stockings, throws, and pillows.  I love these simple stockings from West Elm that come in neutral cream and gray.

Mercury Glass

First discovered in the early 19th century, this inexpensive substitute for silver is now an iconic medium for candlesticks and other home decor pieces.  I love how this mottled glass is like a worn mirror.  It is extremely popular in Christmas tree ornaments and will give a vintage glow to any home.  This collection from Restoration Hardware gives a variety of shapes and sizes that further emulate a vintage feel.

Glittery Paper Village

Making paper villages is something I remember doing during Christmas break in the 70s.  And glitter, don’t even get me started!  The more sparkle the better.  These kitschy miniatures are something that have been a staple in many homes during the holidays.  When I saw this set from West Elm it really took me back to all the cutting and gluing of paper.

Bottlebrush Trees

 Made popular in the 1950’s, bottlebrush trees are now having a resurgence.  I have a small baby blue bottlebrush tree with flocked tips that my grandmother gave me when I was a small child that I still proudly display every year.  What can I say, they just make me smile.  Nowadays there is a wide variety of sizes and colors available of these fun trees including this adorable collection from Anthropologie that I would love to have in my own home.

Bottlebrush Wreath

Much like its tree sister, the bottlebrush wreath loaded with brightly colored glass globes is a sure sign of having a vintage Christmas.  How fun would it be to hang this one from Home Decorators Collection over the mantle?!!


Handmade snowglobes filled with inexpensive glittery finds to hang on the tree was another source of family craft time fun.  Taking a nod from the crafted ones, Anthropologie has a few ornaments that bring that vintage flair with owls and mini village scenes.


 Typically seen on the front lawn of a vintage home, gnomes are those little creatures that are so endearing.  Finding these adorable pine cone versions at World Market reminded me of what I used to hang on my tree as a little one.


What could be more vintage than macrame?  I was lucky enough to find a vintage macrame tree to hang on the wall last year at an estate sale.  This one I spotted on Etsy is very similar to the one I own.  The funky pom poms give a cheerful mood.


Starburst mirrors took center stage in the 1950s and 1960s during the atomic space age.  They are now seen in home decor in many settings.  Putting them in holiday form, these spiky ornaments and tree topper from West Elm are spectacular.  Or try making these sparkly beauties on your own with some glitter and wooden skewers.

To complete your Get Ready for the Holidays journey, vintage style, hop on over to my friends blogs:

Today’s Postivity Note

Find the beauty in every day.

Be Blessed!


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  1. I’m a huge fan of bottle brush trees and mercury glass. I have a whole tablescape of bottle brush trees I put on the dining table for the holidays. I was thinking of making my own mercury glass vase when I get my dressing room dresser painted and finished.
    And I really like those gnomes! This was such a fun collab to work on! I am honored to be your beauty guru. 🙂

  2. Oh l love the vintage decorations that you came up with. I think chunky knits are so classic and I love those classic stockings. The mercury glass ornaments are beautiful, I’ve never heard of them before. Also those starburst are so gorgeous too! 🙂

    Curvy Mod

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