Update & Survey Results

Unfortunately, due to an injury, I have not had a lot of energy to take pictures of outfits for the blog.  This time however has made me take a step back (literally, I have been in bed or in a chair for 90% every day) and think.  Life is so fragile and things can change in a blink of an eye.  Every morning I have taken the time to still get dressed, put on some makeup, and fix my hair.  Most of the time, no one sees me unless I snap a pic for Instagram, but I still am finding value to getting ready every day.

Designing From My Closet Instagram 1

hat from Target  |  top and necklace from Anthropologie via Poshmark  |  cardigan from Avenue  |  pants from Lane Bryant |  clutch from AllyOops  |  shoes from Target

I know the moment I make the decision to not get ready, I am almost certain to face a day of sadness.  The psyche is huge when it comes to prepping ourselves to look our best to help us feel our best.  It also goes to prove that me getting fixed up is for me, and only me.  Of course I love it when my husband and all of you love my outfit, but the most important person to impress is myself.  I recently commented on a stylists Facebook page in response to a post on the world of beauty and aging.  A sentence I put in there even surprised me and was taken back by the impact of my impulsive words.  It essentially said this:

I am beautiful.  Some may seem that as conceited as to simply type it out like that, but I have come to realize that I am the best person to give myself a compliment.  If I cannot tell myself I am beautiful, then how can I accept or believe anyone else’s compliment.  And after all, isn’t that self love the most rewarding type of compliment you can ever receive?

Designing From My Closet Instagram 2

cardigan and top from Anthropologie  |  necklace from The Two Hand Exchange  | skirt from LOFT Outlet

I am hoping to get back into my normal routine soon and I have some really exciting plans for some holiday posts + collaborations with some of my blogger friends.  Until then, I wanted to share with you the results of last weeks survey.

Question 1: It looks like the top topic you would be interested in is how to find your personal style.

survey results 1Question 2: Most of you feel like you struggle with “uniform syndrome” and always wear the same version of an outfit.

survey results 2Question 3:  Putting together outfits is the number one style tip you are wanting to see.  Hmm…I think this would be a good one for video!

survey results 3Question 4: As I silently predicted, outfit posts are your favorite.  I mean, come on, I love ’em too!survey results 4Question 5: It looks like the majority of you are my age and a bit older.survey results 5

Thank you so much for those who participated in my survey and I plan on doing another one that may be a little easier and more interactive than this one I put together.  Ah, technology, just when you think you have the hang of it, there is something new to learn.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Today’s Postivity Note

You’re a whole lot a lovely.

Be Blessed!


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  1. I really appreciated your survey, as it’s gotten me reflecting on my own posts. I hope the results are helpful in guiding you as you move forward.

    I’m glad you’ve at least had the energy and ability to put yourself together each day. I agree that if I don’t get ready in the morning, I’m committing to a day of feeling poorly. When you feel ill or pain, it’s even harder to put forth that effort, so I commend you for taking the actions you need to at least feel beautiful, even if you don’t feel able-bodied.

    ❤ Liz

    1. I totally agree. Putting effort forth to get ready every day has been beneficial in my recovery. It takes me FOREVER to do it, but it has made me really appreciate the little things. On the plus side, I have gained major experience in upping my makeup game.

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