What I Will Be Wearing for Fall: Shearling

Shearling: Casual Luxe | Designing From My Closet | Plus and Inbetweenie Fashion Blogplus size vest  |  pillow covers  |  gloves  |  booties  |  pouf  |  handbag  |  throw

With cooler days approaching, I look for ways to get cozy.  For me, cozy means curling up in a blanket next to my hubby, going for crisp evening walks at the beach, and sitting around the fire pit in the backyard soaking in the warmth from the flames and conversation with loved ones.  All of this coziness does not mean I am slouching around in sweat pants, no way, I am kickin’ it with my faux fur, and more specifically shearling.  I got all crazy on myself and pulled a little shearling collection together for both the home and fashion.  The vest shown above is a plus size version of the vest I am wearing today.

I did a little try on of a future fall outfit to see how I would style this shearling vest I recently got at Francesca’s.  Typically when I take pictures, I am wearing that look for the day, but in light of the current heat wave here on the West Coast, I am doing a preview of what I will be wearing.  This vest is so unbelievably soft for being faux and has pockets too.
Shearling Vest and Skinny Jeans | Designing From My Closet | Plus and Inbetweenie Fashion BlogA printed silk teal blouse I thrifted a while ago finally gets a second appearance here on the blog.  The first time around was me styling it for summer in my Vintage Tropical post.  My new floppy hat looks right at home with the shearling vest that I popped on over the top.  The entire look screams boho chic.

Shearling Vest and Skinny Jeans | Designing From My Closet | Plus and Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

Skinny jeans and nude peep toe booties that I got last season fit in perfectly with my new additions.  One little trick I did in the accessories department was with the necklace or should I say necklaces, plural.  I got this chunky link necklace at Charming Charlie a while ago and loved it so much that on a later shopping trip there, I noticed they had one of the same kind left in the clearance section.  I snatched it up, added a bit of length to the chain and presto-chango, a double layer necklace.  Double the chain, double the fun!

Shearling Vest and Skinny Jeans | Designing From My Closet | Plus and Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

Now that I have this look all planned out, it will most certainly be in rotation soon.  And speaking of planning, I have been working on a new feature on Designing From My Closet.  I am going to be posting shoppable outfits of the week to my Facebook page for more style inspiration.  Every Friday there will be a new plus size look posted with links to some of my favorite places to shop.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook to get a look each week + other updates.Shearling Vest and Skinny Jeans | Designing From My Closet | Plus and Inbetweenie Fashion Blog

What do you do to get you and your home cozy for the fall season?

Outfit Details

Wide Brim Floppy Hat in Light Brown: Charming Charlie

Chain Necklaces: Charming Charlie

Naira Faux Fur Vest: Francesca’s

Teal Silk Blouse: Sejour

Skinny Jeans: LOFT

Turquoise Ring: Charming Charlie

Handbag: Coach

Booties: Old Navy

Here is a preview of my first Facebook Exclusive Outfit of the Week post from last Friday:


Today’s Postivity Note

Live simply, love generously, learn constantly.

Be Blessed!


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