Poncho Perfect

Different personalities have always intrigued me.  For a long time, I thought that other people looked at things the same way that I do.  It became very apparent to me when I did an interior design project for my husband and I.  My husband is analytical and runs his own logistics business so I naturally thought he could pick up on my elaborate, yet straight forward design plan that included 3D computer images of the completed room.  I was so excited to share it with him, but it fell flat when he could not see my vision.  In my head, I already saw the completed room and all he saw was the budget.


Well, to move forward, he said he was confident in my abilities and we agreed on a plan.  While I was happy he trusted me, I wanted him to see what I saw right from the beginning so he could enjoy the process as much as me, yet it was not until the last piece was installed in the room that he proclaimed that he thought it was beautiful.  I am not knocking his intelligence whatsoever, as there are so many things he comes up with that blow me away.  His brain just works differently than mine and that what makes us be a great team.  We see things in a different way and that is a great thing.Aztec Print Poncho from Forever 21 Plus with Chambray Skirt and Riding BootsThe same mentality goes towards clothing, and more specifically styling.  I now recognize that some cannot see beyond how an article of clothing looks like on the hanger in the store, on the mannequin in the store, or on the model on the website.

Forever 21+ Tribal-Inspired Poncho

How do I wear this?  What am I going to wear this with?

These are the questions that often get the answer of “I do not know” so the piece gets left behind or even worse gets purchased and never worn.

This poncho is a perfect example of that.  I got it a few weeks ago during my Shop With Me video at Forever 21.  I picked it up because I was inspired by this picture that Heidi posted on Instagram with her wearing a belted poncho over a dress with riding boots.  She is a fellow Anthropologie lover so I love her posts even though she has a much different body type than me.  I knew as soon as I put it on in the fitting how I was going to style it for its first wear.

Aztec Print Poncho from Forever 21 Plus with Chambray Skirt and Riding Boots

It is a little frustrating to me to show you items that are no longer available, as this poncho is ALREADY sold out online (check in stores though!), but I also want to keep things real and show you what I am really wearing.  The outfits I post here are not just for modeling, but are the actual things I wear.  To keep this blog realistic for myself, I want to share more of a styling aspect rather than being a place you shop everything off my body, just as I did with my inspiration from Heidi.

With that being said, I belted this graphic gray and white poncho with a brown belt that has a faux “knot” over a simple white tank and chambray skirt that I picked up on my recent Las Vegas trip.  I have been anxiously awaiting the day I could bust out my tall cognac riding boots.  These have been in my wardrobe for three years now and I was hoping they still had life in them.  They still do, but I may have to look for another pair next fall because I know how much I wear them.

Aztec Print Poncho from Forever 21 Plus with Chambray Skirt and Riding Boots

By looking beyond the one piece of clothing and visualizing the outfit as a whole allows you to have a clearer picture of how versatile it will be.  I also plan on wearing this poncho with skinny jeans and camel colored suede midi skirt.  This poncho is open, more like a blanket style with buttons under the arms and at the front.  I can see it worn totally open with it draped over the shoulders, buttoned up, and knotted like I did my fringed one on Instagram.  Aztec Print Poncho from Forever 21 Plus with Chambray Skirt and Riding Boots

The next time that you shop for yourself or look at that piece in your closet you have never worn before, use this tactic: never look at one article of clothing as a stand alone piece.  Each item is only a part of the story, part of an outfit.  Styling is the key to making a successful look.  By belting, tucking, knotting, altering, embellishing, even the most ho-hum of pieces can be transformed into unique and personalized clothing.Aztec Print Poncho from Forever 21 Plus with Chambray Skirt and Riding Boots

Do you struggle with styling?  Do you have an article of clothing that you cannot seem to find anything to wear with?

I would love to help!

I am looking to do some great new posts on styling personalized looks for my readers.  Please email me at designingfrommycloset@gmail.com or comment below letting me know and we will go from there.
Aztec Print Poncho from Forever 21 Plus with Chambray Skirt and Riding Boots

Outfit Details

Poncho: Forever 21+

White Tank: Chico’s

Chambray Skirt: LOFT Outlet

Belt: Target

Bracelets: Charming Charlie

Zippered Faux Leather Mini Satchel: Forever 21

Boots: No Rest For Bridget

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Today’s Postivity Note

Live simply, love generously, learn constantly.

Be Blessed!


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  1. I love the parallels you draw between your personal life and your style sensibilities. I know some people think fashion is frivolous, but I really do find it insightful, inspiring, and that it brings me daily joy. When you posted the poncho to Instagram, I couldn’t believe it was from Forever21. What a great bargain buy! I haven’t been into Forever21 in ages, so I think it’s time to stop in. I think this poncho is so stylish and chic and looks perfectly cozy the way you’ve styled it. These are the types of outfits I could live in all fall long.

    ❤ Liz

    1. Fashion is what motivates me to have a successful day. It is the way I show the world I am creative. I was so surprised by my F21 purchases and am so happy I took the time to investigate it a little more. I absolutely adore this outfit and I think it really shows on my face. I got to wear it during the very brief moment the weather cooled down here, but I know this wrap is going to be worn a lot this season.

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