Tips for Selling on Poshmark

Tips for Selling on PoshmarkI recently received a message from a reader who requested I do a post on how to sell on Poshmark.  More specifically, how I was successful at selling on Poshmark. For those of you unfamiliar with Poshmark, it is an app that is a marketplace for women to sell secondhand clothing and accessories.  This can mean anything from brand new items with tags still attached to gently used pieces that are still in good condition.  I found out about the tool from fellow blogger Sandae of Curvy Girl on the Run.  I had been taking some of my gently used items to a local consignment shop, but I felt like I was not seeing much movement or like I had much control over my sales.  After a massive closet clean out last December, I decided to venture out and sell these items on Poshmark.

It was interesting getting this email request because the idea for writing a post like this was something I had thought of before.  My hesitation to following through with it comes from several issues I have had with Poshmark.  Like with any selling site, I think there will be some problems, so investigate which one works for you.  For the most part I have been satisfied with selling here, but I encourage you to find the right platform that works for you.  I am neither promoting Poshmark or knocking them, rather this is a list of sales tips that I actually used.

The lowdown on the details is pretty simple, you list an item and Poshmark takes 20% of a sale for anything over $15.  Sales under $15 get a $2.95 flat fee.  You set the price for what you want to sell it for.  Shipping is super easy because they act as the middle person because they collect the always $4.99 shipping fee from the buyer and they email you a USPS shipping label.  **Update: Effective February 17, 2016, shipping has now been changed to $5.95.**  This means you do not have to front shipping costs.  All shipments are Priority Mail so I have never once paid for a box to package my item(s) in because you get boxes free from the Post Office.  I order mine online and have them delivered free to my doorstep: USPS Shipping Boxes.  Be sure to only get the ones marked Priority Mail and not the Priority Mail Flat Rate.  After the buyer has received their package, they need to accept the item in Poshmark to release your funds.  In other words, the faster you get it out to them, the faster you get paid.  In a few instances buyers have not gone in to click the accept button and I have to wait three days after it was delivered to have my funds released.  I am summarizing this information as I want this post to be focused on how I sold items and what I found to be most effective.  To read in more detail about this type of information, read the Poshmark FAQ‘s.

I cannot be for sure what has specifically helped me make over 280 sales since I began listing back in December of 2014, but here is a list of things I did that I believe was a big part of my success for selling so many items.

The Cover Shot and Pictures

You are able to download four pictures for each listing and you want to make each one of them count.  The first image is your cover shot.  I chose to model most of my items for the cover shot and received many comments on how buyers loved that.  They felt it gave them a better idea of how the item looked on a real live body.  I have chosen to take most of my pictures with a nice hedge background that is not distracting.

Poshmark cover shot

For the other three shots, I took a more practical approach and took one image of the piece on a hanger from the front, the next showing the back, both showing the garment in its entirety.  The last image I chose to show a closeup of the tag showing the brand and size along with the detail of the garment.

Pictures for PoshmarkBack of Item for PoshmarkCloseup of item for Poshmark

These three hanging pictures I take on a backdrop I created with a fabric paint drop cloth I got at Home Depot for like $8.  I take my images in natural daylight to attempt to get the best representation of the colors.  If an image comes out too dark, I lighten and brighten it using the camera editor on my iPhone.  My mission is to get items as best represented as the real item as possible.  I take all my images with my iPhone with a square format because it is easy for me to load them into the Poshmark app directly from my photo stream.

2015-06-14 15.14.56

If I have an item that does not fit me, I style an image for the cover shot with it sitting on a nice surface and styled with other items, preferably with other items from my closet.

Description and Details

I have attempted to keep uniform in my description and details of all my items.

  • The first is the title of what you are selling.  This will show underneath the cover shot when people are scrolling through items.  I try to keep this somewhat brief, but still give enough detail to let people know what the item is.  Leave out personal choice terms such as “beautiful” “cute” “adorable” and put in a real title like “Navy Blue Blazer with White Trim”.
  • Next is the description.  I skip using full complete sentences and go for a more bullet point facts approach.  1-The first point is a repeat of the title.  2-More details about the make of the piece and what makes it special such as “tropical floral print in light green, red, and yellow”. (believe me, you think the images will show everything, but it does not).  Also list pertinent information such as “has an elastic waistband” or “pockets on front are faux”.  3-The fabric content.  4-Measurements or fit information such as inseam or length of skirt.  5-Condition such as new without tags, gently used, slight pilling, and listing any imperfections such as pulls.  I attempt to take pictures if there are any flaws as well.  This step has proven to be challenging because I may miss small flaws, but I do my best and always want to represent my pieces with honesty.  All of this information will be useful not only for those who are already following you and are interesting in purchasing, but these terms will be used in the search category and will make your items pull up when someone is looking for something specific.
  • For the Category select the most obvious place your item would be found in.  Think about if you were searching for your item, where would you look for it?
  • Size and Brand I ALWAYS use the drop downs and choose from the available categories, sizes, and brands.  For items like jewelry, belts, and handbags I select the size OS (One Size) and then list the actual size in the description.  There are rare exceptions for the brands when the odd brands I have is not listed in Poshmark, but I create a custom brand and type in the name of what I have.  The reason I use the drop down selections in these categories is because they help buyers find your items with the filters Poshmark has created.  If you create a custom size (like put in a ring size in this area instead of OS) it will not pull up when people are searching for items in their size.  If you create a custom brand (such as Ann Taylor Loft instead of selecting the drop down of LOFT Poshmark has created), it will not pull up when people are searching for that particular brand.


My most successful items and bundles have been when I have taken the time to style my cover shots creating either a portion of an outfit, and in some cases, and entire outfit.  Placing cardigans or jackets with tops underneath that coordinate then adding some jewelry that compliments the look can make it appealing to buyers to purchase every item.

Styled Cover Shot for Poshmark


After years of shopping, I have found that I like certain brands for both fit and quality reasons.  For those reasons, I know that other ladies are on the look out for clothing brands that they prefer.  I must admit, I think that a lot of the brands I listed such as LOFT, Anthropologie, GAP, and Chico’s had quite a bit to do with the success of my sales.  People are used to these names and search them out.

Loyal Customers

Once I began selling, I had a tremendous amount of items I had to list.  It took me months of listing several items almost every weekday to get through the entirety of my closet clear out.  After a few sales, I noticed that the same ladies were coming back week after week to see what I had that was new.  I did my best to work with these ladies and would alert them when I was posting.


Poshmark is a community and there are ladies on there that are so unbelievably wonderful.  They recommended my closet to their followers that would in turn make me sales.  By establishing relationships with ladies who have similar size and style items that you do, you can reap the rewards and pay it forward all at the same time.  And not to mention, meet some really fabulous ladies!

About the Seller Listing

I created an “about the seller” listing to let people know a little bit more about myself.  It is a “not for sale” listing that I have pictures of myself and a description about me.  I did this because whenever I am shopping on Poshmark, I like to know who I am purchasing from.  It makes me feel more confident that I am making a good purchase.

Shipping and Packaging

I ship out my items typically 1 to 2 days after an order is placed.  This not only gets me my funds faster, it also makes buyers happy to get their item(s) in a timely manner.  It is one of the biggest reasons why so many buyers have come back to me.  I package my items in a simple, cute, and practical way.  Each item gets folded nicely and wrapped in white tissue paper.  I secure the paper with a piece of colorful printed washi tape, then attach a small square note card that I get at the 99 Cents Only store with a handwritten thank you.  I then take that and place it in a zip lock bag.  I have different sizes that I use and get the large 2 gallon ones for bundles so I can put multiple items in one bag.  I have always used the free USPS boxes because after all, the buyer is paying $4.99 for shipping and I do not care if they are purchasing a bangle, it is getting put in a box.  It is free to me, so I might as well use it.  I have received many comments on my packaging and thanking me for it.  I do these things for many reasons: it makes a good impression to buyers, it keeps the items protected during shipping, the zip lock bag has saved several items from boxes being left on the porch in the rain, the zip lock bag kept a thief from fishing out a shirt from a box that had been ripped open on the side, and the zip lock bag allows me to push the air out of the items allowing me to fit more items into a box.

Packaging for Poshmark


Whenever a buyer or fellow Posher comments on a listing, I try to comment back in a timely manner.  If a buyer is asking a question, they are typically ready to purchase (not always though).  I have set my notifications on my phone to pop up on my screen if someone makes a comment so I can respond to them quickly.  I have found that if I do that, they are quick to purchase.  I have from time to time run across some rude ladies who are simply bullies that want you to pretty much sell your items to them for practically nothing.  I take these with a grain of salt and let them go.

The other point I want to make about commenting is that I attempt to make complete sentences without major typos (they do happen from time to time).  I have also avoided using acronyms because sometimes I have had no idea what someone was talking about and it took me forever to answer their question because of all lower caps, no periods, and several acronyms I was not familiar with.  I also like to acknowledge the persons name in the comment because I think it makes it more personal.

When you comment on one of your own listings and you are replying to a comment someone left on it, be sure to type the @ symbol plus that persons user name at the beginning of the comment.  They then get notified that you responded to them.  If you do not do this, they will have no idea that you commented back unless they happen to check back to your listing.

Communication is such a nice thing, especially when someone makes a purchase. I comment to them saying thank you and give them an idea of when I will be mailing out their package.


Sharing both your listings and other peoples listings are a good way to get traffic to your closet.  It promotes good camaraderie among Poshers and brings attention to you as a Poshmark user.  This can be very time consuming, but find a technique that works for your lifestyle.  It allowed others to find my closet and ultimately brought me sales.  I also do my best that if someone shares my listings, I return the favor by sharing listings from their closet.  Every time you share a listing, it is visible in the Poshmark News Feed to all of your followers similar to how Facebook is with your friends.


There are Posh Parties held three times every day.  Some of them are category specific such as Tops & Jackets, some are brand specific such as Lilly Pulitzer & Anthropologie, and some are theme specific such as City Chic.  I used to be very active in all of these and would share my items to the appropriate party.  It allows ladies to showcase their items to others that may not be following you already.  I have also received what is called a “Host Pick” which is when a host (a Poshmark user that has been assigned to organize the party) selects a listing to be highlighted in a special showcase.  It has helped me gain exposure and bring more attention to my closet.  While I am not exactly sure what the science is behind getting selected to have a host pick, I believe it all stems from good cover shots, friends I have made that are hosts, and referrals from friends who know someone who is a host.


I know that I am probably in the minority when it comes to my theory on following other Poshmark users, but I do not follow everyone who follows me.  I like to follow users that have similar sizes that I have, carry similar brands that I do, and have a general aesthetic that I like.

Posh Compliant

I have chosen to be Poshmark compliant which means I do not sell items that they do not allow and I do not trade.  To see a list of items that are ok to sell and not ok to sell, check out the Poshmark FAQ’s (I have taken a snapshot of the What can I sell on Poshmark? from the FAQ’s below).  Trading just is not appealing to me mostly because I am not wanting more items, I am wanting to get rid of things.  Also, having Poshmark as my middle person takes a load off my mind.  I do not want to take extra time out of my day or have to think about if someone is going to cooperate with me and send what they say they are going to send.  It is too much hassle.  Being compliant is another reason why I have been chosen to have host picks and now be an official Poshmark suggested user.  Some users will not even share or follow you if your closet has unsupported items listed.

What Can I Sell on Poshmark

Being Active

By logging on to Poshmark, it keeps track of when you were last active. This information is shown on your user about page. I look at this page every time I consider making a purchase from a seller and if they have not logged in for a month and a half I move on because I know they are not active on Poshmark.

Pricing and Bundle Discounts

Let’s be real, I am selling second hand clothing and accessories here. I do not care if I took it from the store, hung it in the closet still with it’s tags on, and decide to sell it, it is still second hand.  Sure it is more appealing to buyers being new, and can be priced higher than used items, but it is different than purchasing from a retail store. I price my items at a pretty reasonable rate and always welcome offers through the offer button feature that Poshmark has in place.

I have always offered a discount to those who bundle or purchase multiple items at one time. This not only gives the buyer incentive to get more of your listings, they only have to pay one shipping fee for multiple pieces. This helps me move more volume. Now Poshmark has a bundle feature available to allow buyers to make these multiple listing purchases on their own. And boy am I glad because they were so time consuming to create before manually.


So there you have it, my tips for what worked for me on being successful on Poshmark.  There are ladies that are even much more successful on Poshmark than me and they each have certain sales techniques that work for them. I encourage you to explore all the possibilities out there.  And I think I have officially written a book here!  Holy Toledo, does this still qualify as being a blog post?

Poshmark has been a double edge sword to me for many reasons.  Pros: A great way to sell the items from my closet clear out and to find some fabulous second hand items for fantastic prices.  Cons: It has been very time consuming, I have had to deal with some issues with Poshmark itself, it has caused me to make more purchases than I should have, and it has now created another excuse for me to purchase new items because I can sell the older ones.  I guess you can’t win them all!  Since I have listed all my items from my massive closet clear out, my sales have started to dwindle.  I think people liked seeing all the new items being listed.  I do list items periodically when I do an edit in my wardrobe, but nothing like I had before.  I am sure that I will at some point do another huge closet edit, but I will decide at that time if I want to continue with listing here or go through my local consignment shop again.

If you are interested in joining Poshmark, you can receive $5 to spend on Poshmark by using my invite code of BYKEJ when you sign up.  My user name is j9design if you are interested in following me there too.  This post is not sponsored or in any way affiliated with Poshmark.  I have written it upon request of one of my readers and because I want to help other ladies have as much success on this platform as possible.  If you are interested in seeing a post on Tips for Purchasing on Poshmark, let me know in the comments.  If you do join Poshmark or if you are already a user there and have further questions, let me know, I am always willing to help where I can.

Today’s Postivity Note

Don’t rush and never settle.  If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Be Blessed!


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  1. Great article! I am a new posh seller and have been relatively successful (so far). However, my dilemma comes from pricing. I try to price things very fairly, sometimes way below what the exact item has sold for earlier by other poshers. But it seems no matter how fairly I price an item, a buyer always makes a really low offer and gets insulted when declined or walks away from a counteroffer. Apparently most buyers want to purchase an item with an offer. I have started to price items higher knowing that an offer is inevitable. But I feel like a starting higher price drives buyers away! What to do?

    1. Thank you Paula. Well first of all, welcome to Poshmark. And I hear you on the pricing dilemma. Here is how I approach this, as you know, I mentioned I do price my items at a fair to low rate, and I do this because I want items to move. When it comes to both selling and buying, I have come to completely removed emotion from the transaction/negotiation process. From a sellers perspective, I get quite a few offers, even on items that are priced very low. When I see the notification, no matter what it is, I wait. My first reaction is to get an emotion of some sort. I let 5-10 minutes go by and do something else. I then return to it and face it as a business transaction. Do I want to spend the time to package this up and get it to the post office for this price? Do I have several other orders I am already doing? (that plays into my decision making). Am I just ready to get this thing out of my sight and out of my closet? I can then typically make a level headed choice and either counter offer or decline. Then, I completely forget about it unless I get a sold notification. I honestly could care less if the buyer is insulted or walks away because it is just business, I am not there to make everyone happy by giving my items away for free.

      As a buyer, I love using the offer button, unless it is so ridiculously low, I do not see the point, but that is a personal preference. To me, if a person is interested in something and are actually willing to pay for it, they will comment or make an offer. I think your strategy keeps people who are non-serious buyers at bay.

      BTW, what is your user name? I would love to follow you and share your closet!


      1. Hello Janeane,
        I really loved what you just shared, I am pretty new to posh, but I see many doors that could be opened for myself. I just need guidance, I was hoping i could learn from you. This is my new Business not just for fun. i look forward to hearing back from you.

      2. Hi Larisa! That is wonderful that you are beginning a new business on Poshmark. I know there are probably many ladies who are doing this and are successful. In my opinion I think that the more time you devote to taking good pictures, writing detailed descriptions, and sharing, the more it will pay off. My own personal success has been mainly due to repeat business and that means having continuity in my closet: similar styles, brands, and sizes. This has helped ladies to know what to expect when they visit. I hope this helps a bit! Good luck to you.


  2. Thanks Janeane! Your thoughts are exactly how I’ve come to view the situation. I walk away from offers for awhile and think about how badly I really want the item out of my closet. And, honestly, if it doesn’t sell it is probably just going to be donated to a church thrift shop so anything I take away from a sale is a good thing. I just hate to get insulting, lowball offers – emotion, I know! My user name is kaufeegurl, and, like you, I prolly have two years worth of stuff to add!

  3. Great post Janeane 😀 !! Im also a new user on Poshmark !! My name is Foxychica21 😉 . But so far the app and website is amazingly fun and easy !! Im hoping to do well on here in the future for a long time ;D !! I haven’t posted anything yet because going through my clothes and putting a price on them takes a long time but im almost done and can hope to be posting this weekend 😉 . But I have a quick question about things you can and cant sell . I see that in the Poshmark rules of what not to buy it says Home Goods. What specifically does that mean 😦 ? Do they mean like food or things around your house or even crafts : ( ? Im asking because I was hoping to sell some fashionable bowls, vases and crafts that I can personally make but im not sure its Poshmark compliant and I want to follow the rules ;D !! Thanks bye

    1. Thanks for commenting to me! I will look you up on Poshmark too. And yes, I agree, it does take time to do everything it takes to list items. I am preparing some items currently to list as well. For me, I have simply looked at the rules as far as what can be sold on Poshmark as if it can be worn, it more than likely can be listed. If you craft items like jewelry, scarves, etc. that should be fine. Again, I am not the authority on this as I do not work for Poshmark and if you do have specific questions regarding something I encourage you to email Poshmark customer service. I have emailed them on several occasions regarding a range of topics and they have always been helpful, it just takes one to two days for them to get back.

      Happy Poshing! And many sales to you!


    2. Me again, I just thought of something. A really good way to see what does and what doesn’t qualify as Posh compliant is to look at the categories and subcategories. The “other” category is used for things like announcements and your about you listing. Hope that helps!

      1. It really does 😀 !! Thanks for all your help and explanations. I think I might email the Poshmark customer services to just incase ;D . I will also look at the categories and subs as you said, to see what qualifies. Again thanks for your advise and happy Poshing right back at ya ;D !!

  4. Hi Janeane! Well written article ! I have been frustrated a bit with my Poshmark experience lately. Or is it me?! Lol! Anyhow I am trying to figure out how to add clothes that sell. I mostly did designer bags but so hard to make money with them after the 20%. I have a lot of followers and am having a hard time figuring out brands styles etc. that sell! My husband lost his job and I am trying to figure out a busy business on Posh. So far not a lot of sales on my unbranded and branded items. Have not done well either with the wholesale portal which I have tried out and not sold one thing from there. Seems like after the 20% you have to sell at least 4-5 things to make a profit. Any advice from you might help me! My user account is: wasuka12 (TrendyTown Designer Goods’. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Robyn! Thank you for your nice comment. I have ups and downs with Poshmark and have found I have to ride the wave. I have only my personal experience to share and have always had a challenging time selling handbags, although mine have always been non designer brands. And I have to assume selling higher end products with a higher price point will take a longer time to sell. For me, as far as brands go, I purge my own closet and I happen to shop at a handful of well known stores. They must be well loved by the ladies who are purchasing from me as well (LOFT, Anthropologie, Old Navy, Target, Avenue, Lane Bryant). I also am within a certain size range that has allowed many ladies to bundle many items at once so they only have to pay one shipping cost. Since everything I have is also a similar aesthetic, it gives continuity to my closet. Since you are specifically purchasing items to sell on Poshmark, you have to be conscious of margin. You are also in “competition” with ladies who are just looking to recover some of the cost it took to get it for themselves, like me. I am not familiar with the wholesale portal so I cannot give you any advice there, but perhaps there is another Posher that could help shed some light on that.

      I hear you as far as being out of work, my husband and I are in a pinch at the moment so I have been doing all I can on Poshmark and my blog to help a bit.

      Since I have done a lot of purchasing on Poshmark as well, I am always trying to look at my closet from a buyers point of view. Sometimes I have to change pictures, descriptions, or pricing after I initially list something because I realize it is not doing the item justice.

      I don’t feel like I have given you any active direction to take, but if you do decide to sell clothing, which is my best selling listings, perhaps you can start by curating new looking thrifted items. Any way you can keep your margin and up front cost to a minimum, the better. Perhaps with the clothing attracting buyers, you will bring attention to your higher priced designer bags. Also, when you list clothing, take them to show off your bags. Take a look at the Posher @fancypantsmcgee because then you will know what I am talking about. That way, when someone sees a skirt listing of yours they also see a glimpse of your handbag. Her pictures make me want to buy everything in her closet because they are so appealing. I attempt to get shots like her, but she is a pro at it.

      I hope all of this helps and I just saw your profile on Posh that you are a dog and horse lover. I am a dog person through and through. My rescue Luke, a yellow lab, is my entire world.


      1. Hi Janeane. Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom ! I have been selling MK Kate Spade Coach etc bags for quite awhile now. First year was a juggernaught of learning! Authenticity, Style Type that is most popular (Satchels) initial purchase price vs what is loved by most and price point. A lot to it! But I got it down now. I actually do quite well at selling bags and I love to work with ladies to make them happy with their expensive designer bags. I also sell local and do quite well with that. No commission. I am never out to make a ton of $ on my flips. I like to move things quickly so the listings don’t get stale. But the output of the purchasing price is really high. I usually make $50 a flip especially now that I know what I am doing. I am really good at finding great prices. I am also a personal shopper for women that want a specific type bag.

        I might do a blog like yours on how to sell successfully designer bags.

        Now all that being said I do want to get into selling clothes / accessories also. Less output on purchasing but less $ on profit than bags. However, if I can learn all about clothes etc what women like the most brand wise style wise price point .. I just want to be busier! I can only afford about 7 bags at a time to sell because of the initial output. My formulation on this is to purchase one bag after I have sold two. The rest is pocket $$ which is why I started it to begin with. With my hubby being out of work and financial issues I am now just contributing to our bills. It’s not enough. I am in panic mode lol.

        Do you know anything about suggested user status? Does that help sales? I do the parties everyday share and follow people BUT have learned from YOU yesterday that I really should get my followers from sharing not following unless the closet is similar to mine.

        Anyhow phew sorry for the book!! I would make a good blogger cuz I type/talk to much. Ha ha. That’s awesome you love dogs! My latest rescue is a lab/bloodhound mix named ‘Peter(built)’. He is 110 pounds ! Love him to death. He is a goofball. My kind of dog.

        Take care and SO nice to meet you !

  5. Hi Janeane,

    This is a great article! I recently became a Posher but only on the buying side. I would like to try my hand at listing some items for sale. I checked out your closet and your photos are really great. Good, well-lighted photos have an influence on how I respond to items I’m interested in purchasing. How do you handle lighting and do you primarily use the camera on your phone or something better? When you take your practical photos, do you do those inside primarily?

    Also, I noticed that the styled photos are taken by someone else. I love those types of photos because it gives me a better sense of how an item can be worn. Sometimes selfies aren’t as appealing to me on Poshmark because the perspective is a little off.

    Thanks so much for writing this article. It’s giving me hope that I might be able to sell a few things! I have been selling some items to Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor (two cash-for-clothes chains in my areas) but they don’t often offer a fair price. So I figure it won’t hurt to give Poshmark selling a try.


  6. Hi Janeane,

    I came across you blog post a few weeks ago and your recommendations have been very helpful. I too am doing a closet purge and I have already sold several items in a short amount of time. I do have a couple of General Poshmark questions I hoped you could answer, I see the benefit of the posh parties and I have started to use them to fury market my items, but what is the use/advantage of the RSVP function ? I tried looking for this answer on the FAQ page, but got nowhere. Also is there a way to like pre list your items with a party, or do you just have to be on Poshmark when the party starts to list your items? Thank you in advance for your reply and again thank your for the helpful Poshmark tips for beginners ! My Poshmark name is @leithmarsh

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      I am so glad you found my post helpful. And congrats on selling your first items. I am not for certain the advantage of using the RSVP function for Posh Parites, but I can speculate. My thought is that it allows the Party Host to know that you intend on putting items into that party, perhaps to see if they look at your closet for a host pick? I have a question mark there because I am really not sure. As far as I know, there is not a feature to pre list items to parties, but you can share them for the 2 hours that the party is open.

      All the best,

      1. Hi Janeane,

        So far I have loved my Poshmark experience. I have about 50 items posted and I have made 10 sales. I have all 5 star reviews. Today with my 11th sale, I had my first “case” opened on an item. It’s a brooks brothers sweater and the complaint is that the size is not as described. It is a large and I provided a close up of the tag as one of my original pictures. I responded and referred them to my original post and Brooks brothers does run small though compared to other brands. Have you had this happen? What can I expect as an outcome? This is my first negative experience on Posh and I hate to think that I could be penalized for something simply not fitting. Just hoping you can provide some insight. Thanks

      2. Hi Elizabeth! It is a little frustrating when this happens. And for the record, I have had it happen too. It is hard when you get a vague description as of why the case was opened because then you really do not know why. I always send a response to Poshmark, which it sounds like you already did. It can take up to 48 hours for Poshmark to come to a decision and you will get another email. I can so sympathize with what you are going through because I have been there. I have to say that recently, I have been more conscience of who I sell to when it comes to people making offers. I have noticed a trend that there are certain buyers that will harass me with extremely low offers (like offering $6 for a $45 listing) and keep counter offering even if I decline over and over again. A few times I have caved because they have been some older pieces that I was ready to have out of my closet. I have now found that these are the ones that have done these types of “claims”. I now wish I would have just simply donated the items as it would have made it a lot easier on me.

        I wish you all the best in this situation and on Poshmark. Feel free to keep me posted on this particular incident and I hope everything works out for you.

  7. Really great article!! Bravo! And so very kind of you to take the time to share this!
    •What are your thoughts about offering certain items for free with any bundle purchase, to clear out the closet (have plenty of items listed in same sizes)?
    •I just listed a few items saying, “FREE J. Crew w 2(+) bundle” starting the title, and wonder if this conveys that they would need to purchase 2 different* items in that bundle, then the item would be free, instead of the listing price. Also have 20% off bundles of 2 or more, things priced to sell, & am trying to empty quickly as I’m fundraising to speak out for a great cause.
    (Wondering what you think & if I somehow broke a rule! Haha)
    About to find you on there too! Thank you so much for this very informative article <3!

    1. You are so welcome. I have never offered a free item, so I do not have first hand experience with this selling tactic. I have noticed that having similar sized in my closet do make bundles more appealing to buyers. I think if you explain your free item in the description of the listing it will be explanatory enough. As far as I know, there is no Posh policy against giving free items with a purchase.


  8. Great article. I’m new to posh mark and have a question, if you’re selling an item that is new with tags can you sell it for higher than what you paid for it? Let’s say $10-15 profit. I’ve seen some crazy prices for things that I’ve seen for $20 at Walmart.

    1. Thank you. That is really the beauty of Poshmark: you can set your prices where ever you want them. I do think you can get more from a NWT item, but that margin is up to you. Yes, I agree, some people price things outrageously. Yet, I have seen people way under charge pieces. It is all how you want to do it.


  9. Thank you for taking the time to write this article. It was well written and very informative. As a newer seller on Posmark I appreciate any and all tips to help grow my business.

  10. Great article! I recently joined and have gotten two questionable requests. I was hoping you can tell me what you make of them… Both times, the posher asked if the item was still for sale and then asked me to contact him or her on an email address and a phone number. I’m a little suspicious…

    1. Hi Jenn! Welcome to Poshmark. I have to say I have gotten several requests similar to this over the years being on Poshmark. I typically ignore the request. If they persist, I would block them and/or report them to Poshmark. Hopefully you have positive experiences as well!

  11. Hello Janeane, Thank you for taking the time to post this information & to be so personable- you really are a pro! I’m new to selling on Poshmark & have one question holding me up: when it comes to clothes purchased without being tried on by the buyer, how do you avoid the buyer filing a claim stating that it was “misrepresented” when in fact it was most likey the buyer didn’t like how it fit them or looked on them? I’ve had many times when purchasing a “large” from an online retailers, when I receive a “large”, it doesn’t fit like a “large”. Could a person file a claim against you in that case (if you listed as “L” & posted a photo of the tag showing “L”) I’ve read some reviews that say Poshmark always sides with the buyer. Thank you!

    1. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. You are so right when it comes to sizing. Every retailer fits so differently. What I have been trying to do is to measure each garment that I list. This way the buyer can make the best informed decision when making a purchase. Also keep in mind that some buyers have unrealistic expectations even if you have the best pictures and description. Some simply do not read the description. I am not sure about Poshmark always siding with the buyer only because I do not want to make that claim for them. My best advice to avoid getting a claim is to be honest and do your best to describe your item. Unfortunately there will be those who did not pay attention, misunderstood a description, had unrealistic expectations, or want to scam a free item. The more you sell, the greater odds this will happen. And every once in a while, you may miss something wrong with an item, it happens and we are all human.

      What is your user name on Poshmark? I would love to follow and support you there!


  12. How do you get make offer at bottom of listing instead of buy now. I’m new at this look at my listings give me some pointers or things I may do differently.

    1. Poshmark automatically places the offer button on each listing. It is not like eBay where it gives you an option. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. What is your Poshmark name so I can follow and support you there?

  13. I know I’m late to this post, but I was wondering if you’ve ever sold on Tradesy and if you would recommend one over the other? I have only sold on Tradesy because I’ve mostly sold high end purses and shoes, but now that I’m trying to sell some middle of the road brands I’ve been considering Poshmark because it has a larger customer base. Even though Poshmark keeps a larger percentage than Tradesy they offer less protections (Tradesy handles all returns) and I’m concerned about that. Though I will admit it’s easier to sell something when the shipping is less than $10 (Tradesy keeps upping their shipping costs).

    1. I have never sold on Tradesy before. The platform just never fit what I was looking for. Since Poshmark is my favorite selling platform I must say that I am partial in that aspect. Poshmark does mediate the returns because they are acting as the middleman. I believe that Poshmark is coming up with more shipping options in the future, but for now, I love the simple one flat shipping charge for Priority Shipping.

  14. I am new to Poshmark. Your post is incredibly helpful! You write beautifully and concisely, thank you so much! Also, love your aesthetic sensibility, which I hope to adapt when I attempt to sell in the near future.

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