Four Ways to Wear a Grey Skirt featuring Twelve North

Sponsored by Twelve NorthFour Ways to Wear a Grey Skirt

I have noticed a pattern in my wardrobe when it comes to color.  It seems as though each year, I have a staple neutral that is very evident.  For me, this year has been all about navy blue.  Last year though, my neutral was gray or grey, however you want to spell it.  It has been a neutral completely lacking in my closet this year until recently.  Yah!!!  Afterall, this is a color that can practically go with anything.

My love for grey came full circle when I had a conversation with Veronica at Twelve North.  I had been following this fabulous online shop that carries “just my style” plus size clothing.  A little boho, a little chic, a little creative, a little classic.  In other words, everything I love.  One of the topics we discussed stood out in my mind so much in regards to plus size clothing in general: we both agreed that it was less about the size and more about the style!  If there is one theme I want to ring true always here on Designing From My Closet is that regardless of my size, your size, anyones size, style is universal!

Well, I got a little off my whole love for grey subject for a bit.  The reason this feeling came back was seeing the Grey Faux Wrap Skirt.  I am ALWAYS on the search for basics with a twist and boy did this qualify.  A stretchy heathered grey jersey skirt with draping, uh YES, sign me up!  This guy fits me like a dream.  I usually have a difficult time with jersey items because of how they cling, regardless of what size you choose.  Wearing shape wear is something I rarely do and I was thrilled I did not have to with this skirt.  It is fitted enough to take advantage of the curves I want to show, and loose enough to skim over the ones I do not care to highlight.  The draping in the front is dramatic without being overly fussy.  This is for sure not your typical pull on skirt.

To show my love towards this new little beauty, I did a little lookbook to show you four ways to wear a grey skirt.

All GreyTwelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

Matching greys can sometimes be a little challenging and I was thrilled when this dropped shoulder tee with tan faux leather stripes from my own closet went so well with the skirt.  This look is very casual with a sexy twist with the combination of the relaxed jersey fabric, pierced leather, and suede heels.  In fact, this was the one look I put together that I was not sure about.  I was not sure if it would create enough impact, but when I walked out and passed my hubby, it was the one that really got his attention.  To style this, I kept the tee untucked and added some color through the beaded necklace and raffia clutch.  What keeps this look from being flat is all the texture from each of the pieces and that adds interest.  This outfit is perfect for the warmer temps of late summer.Twelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

grey faux wrap skirt: Twelve North  |  ridgewood tee: Anthropologie  |  beaded cirque pendant necklace: Anthropologie  |  yellow raffia clutch: LOFT  |  kactus fringe pumps: Payless

Funky Blues
Twelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

My blue theme for this year joins forces with my grey theme of last year in this look.  I wanted a global, earthy casual look for that in between time when summer is turning to fall.  A light weight bomber jacket in a blue Aztec pattern, horn link necklace, bone bangle, faux snake skin clutch, and brown fringe sandals give me a creative casual outfit.  I left the white tank untucked for this look as well to keep the casual vibe going.  The lower wedge heel (I know they look very similar to the heels in the first outfit) give me more flexibility with walking further and keep it from looking so dressy.  The key to this look was the pattern mixing with the main one on the jacket, then the supporting ones in the handbag and necklace.

Twelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

grey faux wrap skirt: Twelve North  |  aztec bomber jacket: Old Navy  |  white tank: Target  |  bayside link necklace: AllyOops  |  snake clutch: JCPenney  |  bone bangle: thrifted  |  sherriff fringe low wedge: Payless

Army Green

Twelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

Making this skirt a little edgy, with a bit of romance was something else I wanted to do.  A textured blouse with lace inserts gets half tucked into the skirt to show the nice medium width band it has on it.  The army green jacket adds a laid back edge while the color beaded necklace and pointy toe flats give a feminine touch.  A fringed handbag finishes off this cool look that I can sport in the office and out & about.  To me, this is for full-on fall weather when days have a little crisp breeze flowing. Twelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

grey faux wrap skirt: Twelve North  |  army green jacket: Old Navy  |  ivory and lace blouse: Heavenly Couture  |  fringe handbag: Charming Charlie  |  la jolla necklace: Anthropologie  |  pointy toe flats: Target

Yellow Mod

Twelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

I love all three previous looks, but this particular outfit really is my favorite out of the bunch.  Why you may ask?  It is the harvest gold color of the jacket and the mix of patterns and textures that have me falling head over heels for this.  For some reason in the past I have had issues finding the right stripe tee, and I have found the perfect one for me in the striped short sleeve tee from Twelve North.  I enjoy that it is a mostly white piece with thin black stripes and that it has a nice thickness that does not require me to wear a layer underneath it.  I half tucked this tee and bloused it a bit in the front.  The accessories really ramp this outfit up in way of this multi colored statement tag necklace, layers of metallic bangles, and a patterned scarf tied to a neutral cognac satchel.  This entire ensemble represents late fall when California turns “cold”.  Faux suede booties in a nude color blend in to my skin tone to make my legs look a little longer.   Twelve North Faux Wrap Grey Skirt

grey faux wrap skirt: Twelve North  |  yellow jacket: Heavenly Couture  |  striped short sleeve tee in white: Twelve North  |  tag necklace: Anthropologie  |  zippered faux leather mini satchel: Forever 21  |  metallic mix bangles: Catherines  |  floral infinity scarf: Target  |  faux suede booties: Old Navy

As you can see, this grey skirt is going to get a lot of use.  It’s simplicity allows it to be styled in a multitude of ways and it’s style keeps it from being boring and blending into the background.  The quality of these pieces blew me away.  Twelve North carries everything from staples like this skirt and tee to boldly patterned silk tops.  Be sure to check out their site as well as follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!  They also have an amazing style blog with tips on trends and celebrity style.

Today’s Postivity Note

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. -Rachel Zoe

Be Blessed!


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    1. Thank you Carolyn. Like many websites, they have items modeled to show the item at its purest and without distraction to get a clear understanding of what the piece is. I am wearing my skirt a little lower on the waist than the model and it shows what styling can do to really make a piece look totally different.


  1. Great post, Janeane! You’ve really showcased the versatility of this skirt. I have the same issue with jersey skirts and try to avoid styles that cling to my tummy. Your description of this skirt makes me wonder if I need to look for draping across the front. I think it’s a really flattering silhouette on you. As usual, your looks are so eclectic and inspiring! The all gray is way outside of how I’d think to style it, and I absolutely love it! You’re right that the textures make the look. The army green and yellow mod are outfits I’d totally wear!

    Thanks for the introduction to Twelve North! Hopping over to check them out now!

    ❤ Liz

    1. Thank you Liz. I was nervous before I got it, but was overjoyed with the fit. It just glides over everything. I think each look fits a different occasion for my life.


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