One Piece, Four Ways: Crochet Vest

One Piece Four Ways Crochet Vest

One piece that has surprised me the most this season has been the Crystal Cove Crochet Vest from AllyOops.  I knew it would work for layering over a couple of pieces, but I have found that I will be able to take this piece straight into fall with no problem.  I have worn it many times outside of taking pictures for the blog, but here are four ways I have styled it in different ways.

Over a Three-Quarter Sleeve Patterned Top
Crochet Vest over a Three Quarter Sleeve Top

Pattern mixing is one of my favorite things to do and this casual funky, whimsical look is way out there when it comes to that.  The crochet vest adds a little bit of a rest to the eyes with the overwhelming prints while giving depth with the texture.  To read in more detail on this look click on over to the original post: Wild Horses.

Over a Short Sleeve Tee and Skirt
Crochet Vest over a Coral Tee and Skirt

This dressy boho vibe outfit allows the crochet vest to take on a whole new look.  With the bright coral top showing through, it allows you to see the beautiful open work on the piece.  The shorter sleeve just peeks out of the vest while still providing arm coverage.  I love how well it mixes with the Aztec pattern in the pencil skirt.  See the original post for more outfit details: Going Global.

Over a RomperCrochet Vest over a Romper

A casual, yet put together weekend look with a blue patterned romper + the crochet vest really makes for a fun outfit.  I pulled up the arm openings up higher and had the neck more gathered to show off the short sleeves of the romper.  The vest breaks up the overall print and makes the shorts look a little more dressy.  It takes on a vintage feeling in this outfit.  For more information on this look, click on over to the original post: My Vintage Boho Romper.

Over Shorts and Sleeveless Top
Orange Shorts with Crochet Vest

This past weekend I posted this picture on Instagram of a bright orange shorts and sleeveless top from Old Navy with my crochet vest.  In this look I pulled the arm openings down like a shawl to create a draped effect around my arms.  With the addition of tassel necklace and sandals, it was the perfect hot weather summer outfit.  Texture is a such an important part of a wardrobe and even with an all solid outfit like this one, it can provide just enough interest.

Outfit Details:

Crystal Cove Crochet Vest: AllyOops Boutique

Do you have any crochet pieces?  How do you used them in your wardrobe?

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