When You Think You Are Bigger Than You Are

Anthropologie Morning Glory Tank with Orange Shorts

Last week, my husband and I went to the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California.  It has been over 10 years since we last went to the annual fair and I was super excited about going.  The heat however has been making me miserable, especially when it comes to outdoor activities.

I had planned on this outfit being the perfect go-to for a cute hot weather look, and had even purchased each individual item specifically to create it.  One problem occurred along the way though.  I got this beautiful cream and orange patterned tank at Anthropologie that I showed in my last fitting room review that fits like a dream.  The shorts however are a different story.  I picked these bright orange flowy shorts at Old Navy a while ago and I must have been in a bad state of mind when I got them.  They are absolutely HUGE on me.  I even remember trying them on in the store and thought they were great.  I do know that it was my first time in years wearing shorts so I was in the state of mind to get as much coverage as possible.  My usual “fit is everything” way of looking at clothing went out the window.
Anthropologie Morning Glory Tank with Orange Shorts

I have those days when I have in my head that I am much larger than I really am.  Now don’t get me wrong, I recognize my size and have accepted who I am as of today.  I always want to promote positivity and body acceptance, but truth be told, I am hard on myself sometimes.  I do feel self conscience.  My focus was to have enough room in the leg opening and I totally disregarded the fit of the waist. Anthropologie Morning Glory Tank with Orange Shorts

Despite my attempts to wrangle the large waist of these gorgeous shorts in with a belt, I messed with them the entire day of walking around the large fair.  It was a great reminder to me that I do not automatically need to have a double X on the tag for something to work for me.  I do not need to be banned from reaching for a smaller size.  The mind can play tricks on you sometimes and make you feel bad about yourself without you even realizing.Anthropologie Morning Glory Tank with Orange Shorts

With all of that being said, I adore this tank!  The colors, the print, the mixed prints!  We had such a fun time strolling around the fair seeing animals, rides, games, produce, and handmade items.  Our favorite was the photography and we meandered around the display picking out our favorites.  I also saw some fabulous hand made jewelry that I would have loved to get.  I am happy I made the decision to not wear a stitch of jewelry beyond my wedding band which is so not like me because it was so hot and humid.Anthropologie Morning Glory Tank with Orange Shorts

Regardless of the fit issues I had, I still love this outfit and even wore these shorts yesterday in another way that I posted on Instagram with a matching orange top, crochet vest, and tassel necklace.  The shorts are super soft, have pockets, and come with a matching fabric tie (I removed the tie for this look to wear the belt).  I love how this color plays off of my skin tone as well.Anthropologie Morning Glory Tank with Orange Shorts

Outfit Details:

Morning Glory Tank: Anthropologie

High Rise Twill Shorts: Old Navy

Woven Cinch Belt: Target

Roony Woven Flat Sling in Tan: Payless


Have you ever gotten a clothing item that was too big because you felt larger than you really were?


Today’s Postivity Note

Radiate positive vibes. 

Be Blessed!


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  1. Absolutely amazing top! I wonder if those shorts would be worth getting tailored, because they are really cute and fit with the top perfectly. I have definitely bought clothes that were ill fitting, mainly because I am in between sizes.

    1. Thank you so much Nout. The more I look at those shorts, I think they may be worth altering to fit, even though they are not a high end piece. Thank you for the suggestion. And I hate it when you are in between sizes, it makes things frustrating.


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