What Dreams Are Made Of

Anthropologie Pravin Cardigan in Lilac with White Pants

Looking back on my childhood, I remember playing with Fashion Plates and then beginning in my pre-teens I started to draw sketches of fashion collections that I would design myself.  Fashion was a passion of mine that grew into something I took very seriously.  I even began taking fashion design college courses prior to changing my major to interior design.  Although I completed my degree in interiors, my dreams of sharing my ideas for fashion never faded.

Back then, the internet was not even in existence and being a blogger was something unheard of.  After following several ladies and seeing how they used fashion as a way to express themselves, I decided that I wanted to do the same.  After that decision it took me about a year to get the courage to publish my first blog post.  It is somewhat exposing to post pictures of yourself, especially for an awkward person such as myself.  Since then I have found strength and power through writing.  It has also allowed me to hone in on my personal style and connect with some lovely ladies along the way.Anthropologie Pravin Cardigan in Lilac with White Pants

This topic coincidences with this outfit I am showing you today because I wore it when I went shopping at Catherines to select my four outfits for my August Style Ambassadorship for them.  For me, this act of a company having confidence in me to represent their brand in a small way struck me.  I always felt like I had a good eye for style for myself, but for someone unrelated and not my friend acknowledging my talents gave me a real boost.  Anthropologie Pravin Cardigan in Lilac with White Pants

Designing From My Closet has become more than I had hoped for and I want it to continue to grow.  I want to connect with other ladies who have similar interests in fashion.  I want to inspire women to dress with confidence and go after their dreams, their passions!  Life does not always take you where you expect and that is exactly what this blog is…something unexpected that I am wholeheartedly embracing.  It is interesting to just let go of control and let things happen.  The concept is somewhat foreign in a world that is full of business plans and goals that you are told you must have.  I have realized that some of those plans and goals have actually distracted and deterred me from taking some wonderful opportunities that I now regret.Anthropologie Pravin Cardigan in Lilac with White Pants

This is my little space in the blogosphere to share my style and help spread positivity.  A white flowy blouse with crochet details and red flowers combined with a lilac kimono cardigan and white denim was the perfect interpretation of confidence and positive vibes I wanted to put out there.  The subtle aztec pattern on the cardi and the raffia “dots” on the clutch add texture while the fringe on the sandals provide movement.  Anthropologie Pravin Cardigan in Lilac with White Pants

All of these elements and then the outfit as a whole says something about me without me saying a word.  Showing people that I am creative and approachable is something I strive for and that is what I feel in this look.  So here I go, out into the style blogging world, going after my passion, my dream.Anthropologie Pravin Cardigan in Lilac with White Pants

What is your dream?  What is your passion?  What is keeping you from pursuing it?  Is it fear?

What is keeping you from dressing the way you want to dress?  Is it your budget?  Is it because you feel like you need to change something about yourself first?  Is it because you feel people would look at you differently or get more attention?Anthropologie Pravin Cardigan in Lilac with White Pants

The reasons I am asking these questions are because these are all issues I have had to face.  And in all reality will always face.  I remember a time I put off purchasing certain items of clothing, especially anything nice with a higher price point because I felt like I needed to be at certain weight before I could get them.  I was not allowing myself to be fully happy and I was putting restrictions on my own happiness.

I was also afraid and embarrassed to have a conversation with my husband about a clothing budget.  We have always had a joint account ever since we got married so having discussions about where funds will be spent is not uncommon.  For some reason I felt unworthy and like I was being frivolous to talk about having money dedicated to this.  My concerns were totally unwarranted as when I finally brought the subject up with him, he had no qualms about it.

I often get asked the question “where are you going?” in reference to the clothing I am wearing.  It used to really bother me.  Now I hold my head up high and am unapologetic about showing my style.  It has led to several wonderful conversations with people that I might have otherwise not had.  It makes me confident as I walk out the door.

Now it is your turn to make this week a good one and find out what dreams are made of.

Outfit Details:

Pravin Cardigan in Lilac: Anthropologie

Floral Blouse: Antilia Femme (similar)

White Cropped Pants: Ann Taylor (similar)

Pink Raffia Clutch: LOFT (similar)

Sherriff Fringe Low Wedge in Brown: Payless

Ray of Light Necklace: AllyOops Boutique

Gold Coast Cuff: AllyOops Boutique


Today’s Postivity Note

Life is short.  If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now. 

Be Blessed!


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