Being Worth It

Floral Pants with Peplum Top D

Insecurities.  We all have them, regardless of our dress size.  For me, I battle my own insecurities every day.  As I face my fears, I try not to let them get the better of me as I tackle things I have never done before.  Sometimes it is difficult to always be strong and I have days when I ask myself if I am worth investing in.  Confidence can become weak, even when things are going well.  One set back or negative response can be a real downer.  I am not saying these things for you to feel the need to encourage me, rather the opposite.  Blogs can often portray an image of only the beauty in a persons life and I want to let you know that although I post images of myself here, even I myself am quite shy, reserved, and struggle with insecurities.

I want you to know that every time I get a new follower or a comment, it really makes me happy.  Designing From My Closet is a blog I created to show you what I really wear and my thoughts on fashion.  I am an everyday woman in the US, enjoying sharing my findings and connecting with like minded ladies.  For me, fashion is a way of expressing myself and it goes beyond what the physical clothing really is.  Whenever I feel a little less than, I want to roll up in a ball in bed and pull the covers over my head.  Wearing yoga pants and a ratty old tee really seals the deal and perpetuates my low self confidence.  This is the time when fashion takes on a whole new roll for me.  Putting on a great outfit can do wonders for the soul and change your mood.Floral Pants with Peplum Top E

Take this little number here for instance.  This laser cut ivory peplum top from AllyOops has been a source of external happiness to me ever since I got it.  I love the way it fits my body and how it makes me feel ultra feminine.  The way it flows in the back is so lovely, the way it makes me feel like I have a waist, the way it moves with my body.

A cheery print will always make me smile, so choosing these floral pants does induce joy.  Ok, now I am feeling better.  I stand a little taller.Floral Pants with Peplum Top C

Green and pink colors get picked up in an eye catching medallion necklace that ALWAYS brings me compliments every time I wear it.  Speaking of compliments, it is not a bad thing to receive them!  I used to feel embarrassed if anyone gave me one.  I love giving compliments to boost someones day, so everyone is worth receiving them.  They are a sure fire way to get you more motivated.

And a “Wonder Woman” metal bangle.  Why not?!!  Of course, that is what this reminds me of.  And even if it is my own personal ego booster when I am feeling not so confident, then that is alright by me.  Wearing accessories that carry a good memory can be a reminder of when you were super secure.  I also like how this one has a beautiful etched pattern that compliments my peplum top.Floral Pants with Peplum Top G

Floral Pants with Peplum Top F

This whole look is a great example of a lot of pattern mixing.  I have four going on here between the geometric in the top, the arabesque in the bangle, the floral in the pant, and the chevron in the clutch.  Different scales and some tone on tone make this whole look cohesive.  Having multiple patterns in one outfit steps up the bar for me as I am so passionate about them, in turn making me feel worth more than my emotions are telling me.
Floral Pants with Peplum Top H

Fashion is not the end all to making insecurities go away, but it is a step in the right direction to get out of that nasty slump.  I am totally worth it.  I am worth investing in.  I am worth going out into world with confidence.  And so are you!

Floral Pants with Peplum Top AOutfit Details:

Come Out of Your Shell Peplum Top: AllyOops Boutique

Floral Pants: Dorothy Perkins (similar)

Pink Ankle Strap Wedges: Merona (similar)

Verte Strata Necklace: Anthropologie (similar)

Clutch: Anthropologie (similar)

Bangle: World Market (similar)

I am all about remixing my wardrobe.  See how I styled these floral pants and this peplum top in another look by clicking on the thumbnail pics below!

Floral Pants





What are your tricks for getting out of a less than confident state of mind?

Today’s Postivity Note

It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.

Be Blessed!


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