AVA + VIV Multicolor Skirt: My Dream Come True

Ava and Viv Multicolor Skirt

Every time I am at Target now, I make it a habit to check out the AVA + VIV collection as they are always coming out with new pieces.  So far, I had only purchased a white v-neck tee from the newer line and knew there would be a time that there would be something that called my name.

One thing I have found challenging is that although there have been tremendous strides in having more plus size options available to women, I find that my personal style does not always jive with those very popular brands.  While I sing for joy for those who’s voice is finally being heard, I still yearn for a brand to fill my vintage boho style wants.

The same is to be said specifically for the AVA + VIV line.  I have enjoyed seeing the pieces on other bloggers as they make it their own and I finally can join them now that this multicolored skirt showed up in my local Target.  I actually felt like I was in Anthropologie picking up this skirt.  The vibrant colors of magenta, red, violet, navy, powder blue, orange, yellow, and white in a painterly pattern gave me that color and slight edge that I love.  I see it as an abstract watercolor floral.

Ava and Viv Multicolor Skirt

The fabric is a lightweight waffle with loads of texture.  Usually when I see items in this textured fabric it is very stiff, and this is extremely flowy and light.  I enjoyed that this was a fixed waisted skirt with a zipper in the back.  As I tried different sizes on, I opted to size up to a 20 (vs my usual 16 or 18) to accommodate my waistline.  It was such a joy to have a skirt like this and not fret about it being too tight around my midsection or to only be able to wear it high waisted.  The skirt is unlined and no slip is required as the fabric is thick enough that you cannot see through it.  Overall, I thought the quality was superb, especially for a $25 item.Ava and Viv Multicolor Skirt

For its first wear, I wanted to let the colorful skirt be the main feature.  As I hung it up in my closet in a section I put newer purchases to take pictures of to load into my StyleBook app on my iPhone, I placed it next to another recent acquirement that was pretty much telling me to pair it with the skirt.  The ivory blouse is simple enough to take a supporting roll, while the lattice work keeps it from fading into the background.

Ava and Viv Multicolor Skirt

To accessorize this ultra colorful look, I chose a neutral camel clutch, gold jewelry, and nude pointy toe flats.  Although you may see me in the future having other colorful items with this skirt, I really enjoyed this way of having it take center stage.Ava and Viv Multicolor Skirt

This gold crescent necklace has proven to be a versatile piece in my wardrobe.  I love how the shape fills the chest area without being too small or too big.  It has a long enough chain for me to wear it without it feeling like I am wearing a choker, like some other short necklaces I have.  Ava and Viv Multicolor Skirt

I picked this AVA + VIV multicolored skirt up on this last Monday in my local Target and when I went to create a link to it for you, I could not find it online.  As soon as it becomes available there, I will come back and update that information.  In the mean time, I would recommend looking at your local Target to see if they have this skirt available.  8/18/15 UPDATE: Target has released the Multicolor Midi Skirt online!Ava and Viv Multicolor Skirt

Remember how I mentioned earlier in the post that when I saw this skirt it reminded me of shopping at Anthropologie?  Well, after I took these pictures, I happened to be browsing the Anthro site (guilty pleasure) and found this image of the Fauvism Midi Skirt.  Needless to say, I think I have achieved my goal of having a creative, dressy look that is so me, AND in my size.  The almost matching cut out ivory tops and nude shoes?  Well, it was almost a little creepy how much I styled it just like Anthro did, but a lovely coincidence.

Ava and Viv Multicolor SkirtOutfit Details:

Multi Colored Skirt: AVA + VIV at Target

Ivory Lattice Blouse: Love Stitch (similar plus size, Tri-Cut Blouse as shown in Anthro picture)

Ray of Light Necklace: AllyOops Boutique

Gold Coast Cuff: AllyOops Boutique

Camel Leather Clutch: Vintage (similar)

Nude & Black Pointy Toe Flats: Sam & Libby at Target (similar)


Have you found anything from the AVA + VIV collection at Target yet?  If so, I want to know!!!

Today’s Postivity Note

If you are willing to do something that might not work, you’re closer to being an artist.  -Seth Godin

Be Blessed!


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  1. This is such a stunning skirt and so perfectly ‘you’ 🙂 Love the combo of colors and what you’ve paired with it as far as accessories. Also, your hair is looking so good! Love it!

    1. Thank you Justine! I was shocked how many strangers stopped to talk to me the day I wore this skirt. I actually felt like one of the popular girls! My hair is finally growing on me, mostly because I am learning how to style it. I had a routine that I used to do with my long locks and I felt like I might as well have had a different head on my body. I was all thumbs because I am not very good at hair to begin with. I am so happy I cut it now!


    1. Thank you Hailey! I am wanting to look at some more of their new items too. I know we were both a little unimpressed with the previous collection. They have a pair of green pants that I really want to try!


  2. I’ve been staring at this skirt online all day, trying to decide if I should get it. It looks amazing on you, and I’m glad to hear that it’s not stiff and has good movement. Here’s the thing though: I’m 5’0″ tall. I’m worried that it will be a really weird length on me, and the cost of altering it might not be worth it. If you would be so kind as to say how long it is, I will help me decide.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much. I am 5′-5″ and my size 20 skirt is about 25 1/2″ long. I chose to wear mine lower at my natural waist, so depending on where you place it (I think it is intended to wear a little high waisted) and what size you are (if you are different than a 20, I am not sure if the length stays the same between sizes, but I would assume they are close). I would love to know if you decide to get it!


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