Taking that Extra Step to Style

Lilly for Target V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey

If there is one thing I do not like, it is to look like everyone else.  Popular pieces that sell to the masses do not mean that I have to wear them how another woman does.  In fact, I have seen this Lilly for Target top and/or this pattern styled so many ways by other bloggers.  The reasons behind me getting this top was because I fell in love with the bold, yet feminine floral + the shape of the tank.  It is the type of pattern I would select to put in my home.Lilly for Target V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey

Styling is a craft that has taken me years to improve upon and while I do not consider myself an expert, I do like to think I have a good handle on things.  It is taking that one step past what you would consider a complete outfit and really making it your own.  Very rarely do I select accessories to go specifically for a look, rather I pick them up along the way and shop my accessory closet when it comes time to put the finishing touches to an outfit.Lilly for Target V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey

My anchor for this look was the large scale print floral tank and it is what I based the entire look around.  I first selected a pair of soft navy shorts that have a small scale broken chevron pattern on them.  The navy is found in small sections of the top and because the scale of the patterns are so different, they work beautifully together.  The hot pink ankle strap sandals were also a cue from one of the colors in the tank.  As to not compete with the colors of the top, I chose to go with a neutral colored handbag that suited the casual nature of the look.Lilly for Target V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey

At this point, I had an outfit…top, bottoms, shoes, handbag.  This is where the step further comes into play.  First is texture and a layer that is introduced through this crochet shrug.  It is super lightweight and breathable, so it gives me some upper arm coverage while not making me melt in the heat.  The open cardigan allows the colors to peek through in the back too.

Next is accessories.  I typically do not do three accessories, and this look seemed to call for it.  A short gold necklace with coral gems subtly pick up the orange colors in the top and filling in the open area of the chest.  Turquoise is brought in through a small touch in the ring.  And one more neutral element is added along with introducing yet another pattern with the carved wood bangles.

All of these elements keep me from looking like any other woman sporting this top + I have stayed true to my vintage boho style.Lilly for Target V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie PoseyOutfit Details:

V-Neck Tank Top in Nosie Posey: Lilly for Target (similar)

Mixed Crochet Shrug: Avenue

Navy Printed Shorts: GAP (similar)

Coral Gem Necklace: GAP (now for sale in my Poshmark closet: j9design)

Wood Carved Bangles: Unknown brand (now for sale in my Poshmark closet: j9design)

Turquoise Ring: Handmade from the Native American Museum in Oklahoma (similar)

Zippered Faux Leather Mini Satchel: Forever 21 via Poshmark seller aligtorres

Pink Ankle Strap Sandals: Merona via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)


What do you like to do to make your style your own?

Today’s Postivity Note

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. -Vincent Van Gogh

Be Blessed!


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