What Ever Happened to the Art of Dressing?



We have all heard and probably used both of these terms to describe an outfit.  But what is comfort?  What is casual?  These mean different things to different people.

Comfort could mean both physical or mental comfort.  I think that most ladies think of physical comfort as something you can move around in easily without being poked, having to constantly adjust yourself, having something that is too confining, or having to wear body shapers.  It is also what is comfortable for what types of activities you encounter on a day to day basis.

Then there is mental comfort, like not wanting to reveal a certain part of your body or the total opposite for others.  Personal example: I feel mentally comfortable wearing tops that have a v or scoop neck to show my upper chest.  I then on the flip side, feel mentally comfortable wearing tops that cover, conceal, or hide my belly roll.Anthropologie Brilliant Bowknot Tee

Then we move on to the term casual.  Dictionary.com has seven definitions for casual, and the one I think fits this topic the best is “appropriate for wear or use on informal occasions; not dressy:”  Well that is ambiguous.  What is appropriate?  This also means different things to different people.  I recall going to my History of Fashion college course way back when and remember loving the different eras of clothing.  So not practical for today’s living.Anthropologie Brilliant Bowknot Tee

So, what do you do if you are a stay-at-home mom or an entrepreneur who works from a home office? Does it make sense to dress as though you are going into an office?  What does casual mean for those who do work in an office and then want to dress down in the evenings and weekends?  Boy, I sure am posing a lot of questions in this post!

Let me get to my point with this then.  Since the time of the “Stepford Wife” look has gone (which I love by the way, and so admire those who have that vintage or pin-up look as their personal style),  I feel like women have been trying to figure out where we go from there.  Comfort and casual has almost taken on a whole life of its own and has morphed into a sea of yoga pants and oversized tees to be able to manage the wonder woman duties we put on our plates.
Blue Anthro B

I feel like I am rambling a bit, but I hope I am making a valid observation.  This look I am sporting here is my definition of both comfort and casual.  The only reason I am focusing on this topic is because I get asked so many times by both friends and family about where I am going, especially if I am wearing a skirt or dress.  I always give them a puzzled look because I never knew that I needed a special occasion to get dressed.Anthropologie Brilliant Bowknot Tee

Has society gotten so bad that ladies need a reason to dress a certain way, put on makeup, and fix their hair that this question needs to be asked?  Here I go, more questions.  Why are we reserving ourselves to look our best only when we feel we have an audience looking at us?  What ever happened to the art of dressing?  I think we deserve better!Anthropologie Brilliant Bowknot Tee

So, with all that being said, I am going to encourage you to challenge yourself.  If you are stuck in a rut of wearing the same thing like a uniform, try new things.  I can guarantee you it will feel mentally uncomfortable looking at yourself in different clothes.  Your eye has been trained to see yourself a certain way.  I am not only saying this to you, I am speaking to myself as well.  I have been forcing myself to try on some new silhouettes that I used to flat out refuse to pick up.  Some have surprised me and some have reaffirmed that I just do not care for it.  You may even feel like you are “trying too hard” or “being too flashy”, but only because it is not what you are used to seeing when you see your reflection.  Go ahead, test the waters.  Experiment and find your style.  A little bit of effort really goes a long way and you will be surprised the positive attention you will attract!
Anthropologie Brilliant Bowknot Tee

Outfit Details:

Brilliant Bowknot Tee: Anthropologie via Poshmark seller vinigrette (similar)

Blue Cropped Pants: Worthington via Poshmark seller jillcoffee (similar)

Wood Bead Necklaces: Brass and Burlap via Poshmark (knel88)

Kai Organic Ring Set: Charming Charlie

Pink and Raffia Clutch: LOFT via Poshmark seller livluvshop (similar)

Tassel Tides Sandals: AllyOops 


What is your definition of comfortable and casual when it comes to dressing?

Today’s Postivity Note

Seek and you will find.

Be Blessed!


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  1. Great post! All of these questions are asked by every woman to their mirror on a daily. When you are out of the corporate world and in the house, it is hard to get dressed up much less put on make-up. So I find a reason to leave the house 2 times per week, put on my lipstick and wear something I love.

  2. This little session really is making me think about several things I’e; stuck in a rut and going out of my comfort zone. I will ponder a bit. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad I lit a spark inside you. Getting stuck in a rut is so easy to do and it happens to everyone. I feel like the more I give into my rut, the deeper into it I go. It feels strange and even uncomfortable to get out of it at first, but the personal rewards are tremendous!


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