My Vintage Boho Romper

I want to thank you all who participated in my AllyOops gift card giveaway.  A winner has been selected and contacted.  This is my fifth look that I created for the Designing From My Closet collection for AllyOops Boutique with my last being shown on Monday.  I hope you have liked everything I curated and I appreciate everyone’s support and kind words you have given in this little venture of mine!Midnight Romper | AllyOops Boutique | Designing From My Closet Collection

With my new found love of jumpsuits and shorts, I knew that it was bound to happen I would find a romper that was my style.  This blue romper has a vintage feel with small white flowers that intertwine in an all over pattern.  From far away it looks like an abstract print, so it is not overtly floral.  Almost anything with a v-neck is something I will try and this romper has a faux wrap top with a sewn in snap to make it easy to get it on and off as well as keeping it from coming open to far. This kind of top elongates my torso so nicely being short-waisted.Midnight Romper | AllyOops Boutique | Designing From My Closet Collection

Another detail I thought was fun was the v-back with a tie at the top.  It is not too low as to show my regular undergarments, and provides a little bit of a flirtiness to this one-piece.  This romper can certainly stand alone as far as style goes, but because I am all about layering, I wanted to show a quick way to remix this romper with just one addition.Midnight Romper | AllyOops Boutique | Designing From My Closet Collection

A long ivory crochet vest elevates this look to something really special, even for being shorts.  The texture it provides is just spectacular.  It adds a little boho style to this look, giving me my ideal vintage boho aesthetic I am always striving for.  At first I was really worried that this was going to snag on everything, but after a few wears and jumps from a large puppy, I was pleasantly surprised.  I caught it on the chain of my handbag and big Labrador feet, but I easily pulled it back into place without even being able to see where the incident ever took place.  The back of it is just exquisite and I can see it being used in both dressy and casual looks.Midnight Romper | AllyOops Boutique | Designing From My Closet Collection

I showed these shoes in my last post, but I had to highlight them again.  They are so beautiful I have them sitting out in my bedroom on display like a piece of art.  The height of the wedge is low enough to be comfortable for all day and do not look out of place with this shorts look.
Midnight Romper | AllyOops Boutique | Designing From My Closet Collection

This area around the marina is a hot spot for my husband and I to go walking.  The cool breeze is so invigorating and the smell of the ocean air is refreshing.  I thought it was the perfect location for us to go down and do a little photo shoot.Midnight Romper | AllyOops Boutique | Designing From My Closet CollectionAs far as fit goes on these items, I selected to go with the 1X in the romper and it was just right in the thigh for me.  It has a nice non-stretchy, flowy fabric, elastic waist and pockets!  The vest is forgiving in size and although the 1X and the 2X fit me, I chose to go with the 2X to accommodate it going over my hips a little better.

Outfit Details:

All items are part of the Designing From My Closet collection at AllyOops Boutique

Midnight Romper

Crystal Cove Crochet Vest

Catalina Clutch

Fantasy Island Wedges

Today’s Postivity Note

Believe you can & you’re half way there.

Be Blessed!


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*The items shown in this post were gifted to me by AllyOops Boutique.  All opinions are my own.*





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