Olive You Forever

Today is a pretty significant day for me.  I have been married to my wonderful husband for 20 years.  These past few posts and including this one you can see that I am not in my usual spot in my backyard with the hedge background.  He has been gracious enough to take pictures of me as I instruct him and has done a pretty good job if I do say so myself.  Designing From My Closet Collection at AllyOops Boutique

This outfit is simple at first glance, just like most people view a long lasting relationship, but as you look a little closer you notice the detail and complexity that is involved in it.  The overall feel has a toned down bohemian vibe with each piece having special and unique qualities to them.Designing From My Closet Collection at AllyOops Boutique

Mixed media items in both interior design and fashion items have always been high on my list.  These low wedge espadrilles with sequins and beading go along with that love affair.  I was able to wear these all day long and still feel comfortable.  The vibrant blue color is combined with both bronze, brown, tan, and black details that make these easy to pair with many items in my wardrobe.  I love how they can be worn in both dressy and more casual looks too. Designing From My Closet Collection at AllyOops Boutique

Designing From My Closet Collection at AllyOops Boutique

Finding bracelet that fit my large wrists without being uncomfortable has always been a challenge.  This simple double metal gold cuff is large enough for me to slip on easily and actually allows be to wear it higher than just right above my hand like I need to with most.  It was the first time I wore a cuff that did not cut into my arm and feel like I was loosing circulation in my arm. Designing From My Closet Collection at AllyOops Boutique

Talk about adding drama to a look!  This long fringed necklace not only is eye catching, it brings the eye to the center of the body and creates a long slim line.  I love how it plays off of the ivory peplum top that has a pierced pattern on it.  The subtle texture is easy to pair with other patterns too.  For reference, I am wearing a simple tank underneath for coverage.  This style of top with its fitted bodice and then a flare under the waistline makes me feel spectacular.  It helps to define my waist because of the way it floats away over the hips.  The lower hemline in the back gives a little flirty feel.  This blouse has some nice stretch to it while still floating over the body nicely.  I am wearing it in the 2X.Designing From My Closet Collection at AllyOops Boutique

Olive pants have always been a go to for me, especially in the fall and winter months.  And while it is summer time, these work so well for this look because the color is so neutral.  The jogger style pant had always been a very scary item to me and I thought they could never work for me.  I always thought they would come off as looking like pajamas and be way too casual for me.  Since I have opened up my mind to what my fashion possibilities are, I have found how classy and special this silhouette can be.  What I especially love about the Olive You Forever Joggers is that they are not overwhelmingly baggy.  They have a slim cut, but still provide a lovely drape at the bottom of the ankle.  Because I have larger thighs and waistline, I selected the 3X.  These are snug (not tight or uncomfortable) around my tummy so these will strictly be worn with longer, untucked tops.
Designing From My Closet Collection at AllyOops BoutiqueThe last touch was a fun and colorful clutch that is full of pattern to this mostly neutral look.  Overall, this outfit has a great polished, yet relaxed vibe.  These are also pieces that are already asking to be remixed with other items in my closet.

Outfit Details:

All items are part of the Designing From My Closet collection at AllyOops Boutique

Come Out of Your Shell Peplum Top

Olive You Forever Joggers

Neptune Necklace

Gold Coast Cuff

Del Mar Fabric Clutch

Fantasy Island Wedges

Today’s Postivity Note

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Be Blessed!


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*The items shown in this post were gifted to me by AllyOops Boutique.  All opinions are my own.*





    1. Thank you Justine. Time has flown by so fast. We celebrated all day yesterday and just enjoyed each others company. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.


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