Jumping Back in Time

Being born in the 70s, I was exposed to my very fashionable mother who had an ease about her attire.  One of the pieces I always admired her wearing were jumpsuits.  There was something so elegant, yet fun about this one piece article of clothing.  Now y’all know that I am OBSESSED with pattern, bold pattern, so when this chevron beauty and I crossed paths, there was no way I was leaving it behind.Under the Sun Jumpsuit

Before you think you are going crazy, yes, I cut my hair.  I have to say that it was a long time coming too.  My long hippie locks were not intentional, but rather me trying to figure out what I was going to do with it.  After extensive research, I decided on a new do.  Unfortunately, this is about 3 inches shorter than I had requested, so I am admitting right know I was a BIG baby and shed a few tears.  I did this photo shoot right after and I know it will never look like this again because she ever so lovingly straightened it with a hot iron.  Since my hair is naturally curly, I know it will bounce up a couple more inches.Bayside Link Necklace

Anyways, on to my outfit.  This horn link necklace has a bit of a backstory too.  I saw a similar one at Anthropologie several months ago and was waiting for it to go on sale.  Well, I waited a bit too long and it then was out of stock.  I felt like I was being reunited with a long lost love when I slipped this one on.  I love the texture it adds to this very busy pattern.Del Mar Clutch

Everywhere I go and on social media, people have been asking me about this bag.  This multi media purse has multiple patterns, colors, and textures with embroidery, mirrors, and pom pom flowers.  I love that you can wear it with the long shoulder strap or tuck it in and use it as a clutch.  Although the patterns do not match exactly to the jumper, I love the color that it gives to this all neutral look.Under the Sun Jumpsuit

Can we talk shoes for a moment?  These sandals with their block heel and pierced faux leather ankle strap have me dancing.  I plan on wearing these with my new dress I got for my anniversary.  For this look, I took advantage of the loose legs of the jumper and tucked them into the top of the shoe.  It creates a bit of a harem pant effect that I adore.Boardwalk Heels Sandal

I had someone ask me if I had lost weight when I was wearing this and I realized it was the long duster I was wearing.  Long line items are so on trend right now and I can see the appeal.  It creates literally a long line down your body to make it appear slimmer.  I honestly felt like a superstar walking with this flowing behind me.  I am ready to wear it over everything…skirts, shorts, dresses, you name it.
Pacific Duster and Under the Sun JumpsuitI tried on both the 2X and the 3X in this jumper and ultimately decided upon the 3X to have a little more room in the upper thigh.  The upper body portion I found to be cut quite generous and fit in both sizes.  A faux wrap creates an elongating v neckline and to keep it from coming open, I placed a piece of fashion tape to keep it secure.  I think a cami underneath would do the trick too.  Although you cannot see it in my photos, this jumpsuit has short sleeves so it will be great to wear it without the extra layer too.  The poly spandex blend has a nice stretch while feeling silky and flowy.

Outfit Details:

All of these items are part of the Designing From My Closet Collection from AllyOops

Under the Sun Jumpsuit

Bayside Link Necklace

Boardwalk Heels Sandal

Pacific Duster

Del Mar Clutch

Do you ever get inspired by fashions from the past?

Today’s Postivity Note

You are exactly where you need to be.

Be Blessed!


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*The items shown in this post were gifted to me by AllyOops Boutique.  All opinions are my own.*




    1. Thank you Liz. This has really shown me how much I have fine tuned my personal style at this point in time. Looking at it as a whole makes me realize that. The handbags are getting so much use in my wardrobe. It is surprising how they take on a different vibe depending upon what you pair them with.


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