ReFashion: Chambray Wrap Vest

A few weeks ago I took a shopping trip to Anthropologie where I tried on the Stitched Chambray Vest.  I ended up passing on it, but decided to try my hand at doing my own DIY version of it since I loved it so much.Stitched Chambray Vest from Anthropologie

Rather than doing a step by step post, I am just showing you the before and after because it was that simple.  For the base of this garment, I purchased this Old Navy chambray wrap dress off of Poshmark from Mary Beth (seller name mbcongilose) for a great deal.  I then cut about 14″ off the bottom and hemmed it.  To simulate the gorgeous embroidery, I chose to go the easy route and try my hand at faux stitching the X’s along the front neckline and belt with white puffy paint.  Yes, puffy paint!  I am a product of growing up in the 80s and 90s when everything was bedazzled and I owned a bedazzeler.  There was not a tee or sweatshirt in sight that I did not embellish.Old Navy Chambray Wrap Dress

The result was even better than I expected.  It took me about an hour to do the whole thing!  (Minus paint drying time of course.)  My version does have a collar, pockets, and a thinner belt, but I think that the look is very reminiscent of it’s inspiration.ReFashion Chambray Vest | Designing From My Closet

For it’s debut wear I layered it over a tan tank with my cropped white denim pants (I really can’t get enough of these!)  Whenever I put together looks that are very neutral in color, I know it is my opportunity to break out a colorful handbag.  The Mogador Island Clutch from Charming Charlie fit my need for a punch.  FYI-It is on sale for only $6.99!
ReFashion Chambray Vest | Designing From My Closet

Luke was so fascinated with the pom poms that he thought it was a toy.  Can you see the concentration on his face here?  About 2 seconds later he lunged for them!  No damage done though, just some puppy fun.ReFashion Chambray Vest | Designing From My Closet

I really enjoy how the tan and the white are picked up in the bag too.Mogador Island Clutch from Charming Charlie

A big ‘ol golden medallion necklace added a little bit of drama to what could come off as a super sweet outfit.  I scored this piece on Poshmark too from Tashia (seller name purplepotion).  Overall, I could not be more pleased with this little ReFashion transformation.  It was a lot of fun for me to fix too.  It has been a while since I have broken out the sewing machine, so it was a great excuse to do a few more projects I have been putting off.

ReFashion Chambray Vest | Designing From My Closet

Here are a few more chambray pieces that I am loving right now, embellished or not.Chambray

1  \  2  \  3  \  4  \  5

Today’s Postivity Note

You’re braver than you believe, & stronger & smarter than you think.

Be Blessed!


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