Faking a Waist

Maxi with Denim A

Even among plus size ladies, there are so many body types.  I love seeing how different stylish ladies tackle the many issues that come with fit.  For me, being short-waisted and essentially not having a defined waist at all has allowed me to experiment with how to play with proportion.  Sometimes it is a hit, and sometimes it is a miss.  Either way, it opens up my world to all the possibilities out there.  Maxi with Denim C

The last time I wore this bold, patterned skirt, I tucked in a lace top into it for a dressy look.  This time, I decided to make it a little more casual and to use one of favorite tricks for “faking” a waist.  By leaving my ivory tank untucked it makes my torso look visually longer.  To make the outfit complete, I added a wide braided belt to define my “waist” and a denim jacket to disguise the fact the belt really does not go in the way a waist would.  It almost implies that it curves in.Maxi with Denim E

Luke decided to join me on this photo shoot as he kept hearing the camera click.  He is absolutely running me ragged, but come on, who can resist that face?

I am also doing a little bit of pattern mixing with my clutch and how the blues look together.  I love this size of handbag for both day and night.  It fits just the right amount of essentials.  It is also a sneak peek into what is a huge project I have been working on.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my announcement that I have partnered with AllyOops Boutique to have an exclusive Designing From My Closet collection.  I am knee deep in completing the curating process and I cannot wait to show you everything! Maxi with Denim DUntil then…

Outfit Details:

Melo Maxi Skirt: Anthropologie

Ivory Tank: LOFT (similar)

Brown Braid Belt: Target (similar)

Denim Jacket: Avenue via Poshmark seller fungrl22 (similar)

Brilliance Motif Pave Triangle Pendant Necklace in Rose Goldtone: Michael Kors

Clutch (coming soon!): AllyOops Boutique

Coil Cuff: Thrifted (similar)

Sherriff Fringe Low Wedge: Payless

Today’s Postivity Note

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Be Blessed!


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  1. Really gorgeous! I am also short-waisted (and apple-shaped) but I find belts, especially wide ones, are uncomfortable when I sit down. Is that an issue for you?

    1. Thank you Teresa. I have had a few belts that have been uncomfortable (I have since gotten rid of them) but for some reason this braided belt seems to have a little “give” to it. It also allows me to hook it wherever I want. I have been gravitating more towards the stretchy belts like the one in my Star Wars Inspired post. That one is super comfy!

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