Vintage Tropical

Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

On a recent thrift hunt, I found this gorgeous silk blouse that has an abstract pattern in teal, gray, & chartreuse.  The hand of the silk textile is so luxurious feeling and is easier to maintain than most people think.  The top was originally from Nordstrom and was probably a pretty penny retail originally.  Although I will get more use out of it in the fall due to the fabric and coloring, I wanted to style it for spring/summer to see how it would translate.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

The easiest way to “summerize” any top is to pair it with white bottoms.  In my case, my white cropped denim.  So many plus size ladies shy away from the color and I can understand why.  Your best bet is to keep trying until you find a pair of white pants that fit you perfectly and that are not too sheer.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

The print gave me a tropical vibe once it was next to the white, so I decided to go with it and add some tropical colored accents through the necklace and sandals.  This blouse could easily read as very mature and by styling it with youthful and contemporary pieces, it works for me.  The wood necklace in purples and oranges and then the strappy sandals in violet set the easy, casual tone I was going for.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

Speaking of the sandals, these are AMAZING!  What I love besides the color is the way you can adjust the straps to accommodate your foot.  I believe the original intent is for the ankle ties to have the bow in the front, but because I have a larger ankle, I was able to tie them in the back and they still look great.Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk Blouse

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Sejour via Goodwill of Orange County (similar)

White Cropped Denim: Ann Taylor via Poshmark seller divastephrob (similar)

Wood Bead Necklace: Anthropologie (similar)

Zippered Faux Leather Mini Satchel: Forever 21 via Poshmark seller aligtorres

Lace-Up Sandals: Old Navy

Vintage Tropical in a Goodwill Silk BlouseDo you wear white?  How do you update your thrifted finds?

Today’s Postivity Note

And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings.

Be Blessed!


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  1. Love this outfit!! I do wear white pants and recently paired a top I normally wear in the winter with black leggings and put it white crops and I got many comments on my “new” top…. didn’t tell them it was a 6 yr old top they had seen many times:)

  2. I love how you incorporate color into your wardrobe! You inspired me to purchase a pair of Talbots floral capris on a recent shopping trip. (This from a ‘dark solid colors on the bottom’ kind of girl!) I’m 5’2″ but am hoping I can pull off color half as well as you do. Thank you for your posts – I really enjoy them. And oh how I wish there was an OC Goodwill here in Dallas. A boutique, no less!

    1. Woo hoo! Yah for color and pattern! I would love to see them and if you are on IG, be sure to tag me. I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear that you enjoy my posts. Thank you so much for commenting. I really appreciate it.

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